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Glimpses into The Passion.

On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem meekly on a donkey showing us a victory. Through his suffering he took on our sins and paid a price for us all. He then conquered death clearly shown in his resurrection.
Maria Divine Mercy in a message from Jesus mentioned a carnival atmosphere. Crowds of people some of them who were poor, had been allied to Jesus but were now easily controlled by the temple elite to turn against him. I sensed this during my prayers that this was the case. I had a glimpse of people running about or walking fast . Poor people were swept away given the permission of authority to run wild. How this must have broken Our Lords heart. The very people he had loved had their hearts turned against him. People from all over the holy land would have witnessed this as many travelled to Jerusalem for the Passover.

I had previously mentioned in a blog that Jesus was hoisted up on the shoulders of roman guards and then thrown against a wall. This was a mocking reversal of the entrance only made the previous Sunday. It has become clearer in my mind that they carried him like they were mocking Our Lord as King. Only to then throw him against a wall. Jesus was shoved and thrown around like he was a piece of meat. Many felt welcome to take part in being cruel to him.
I received more glimpses tonight during prayer. I saw the Pharisees or Sanhedrin laughing with roman guards in a groveling attempt to get them to be more brutal. Like when someone nudges you on the elbow and points and laughs. The temple elite showed themselves as calculated and the romans didn’t care for human life.
The last glimpse I have received was a side view of our lord on the cross and his hair was matted and wet from blood and sweat. In the background residential parts of Jerusalem can be seen. 
What is clear despite the physical cruelty was the mental suffering that Jesus endured. The mocking, the rejection, the loneliness and betrayal all contribute to the most awful suffering that anyone could endure. Like seeing your Father or Brother brutally beaten and tortured and not being able to intervene to stop it. 
Jesus was treated like a hated pariah in a carnival of horror.

December 1st 2020

Our Blessed Mother:

My Son was tortured beyond belief.

Q: Did they throw Our Lord against a wall?

Our Blessed Mother

They did that

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  1. My Jesus!!! My Jesus please forgive me for I have done this to You with my sins. Jesus my Jesus please have mercy on my soul.

    On Thu, Mar 18, 2021, 7:57 PM ‘My Sacred Shelter’ wrote:

    > interceed77 posted: ” During the sorrowful mysteries I receive quick inner > glimpses into The Passion. I know of Catherine Emmerichs Dolorous Passion. > Plus, the account Jesus gave to Maria Divine Mercy. Having in the previous > Sunday entered Jerusalem meekly on a donkey Jesus ” >

  2. In many accounrs, Jesus was known according to St. Bridget to have been crowned with a full crown of thorns and they nailed three thorns into his head which were mortal and reached his brain. In addition, they sat him on a bed of nails in a chair and drove the nails into him. The nails also were blumt that they crucified him which meant it took many blows to nail Jesus and it wripped his skin making the wounds very large.

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