Back in May 2019 Jesus began communicating with my wife The Little Prophet Of Love https://the-little-prophet-of-love.jimdofree.com/

This communication still continues. Jesus has also revealed to me that I her husband have discernment, a priestly and suffering soul. I also receive dreams and visions. Our main mission has been to pray for the salvation of souls during the most important time in history…..which is now!

Jesus wants me to create this website and receive prayer requests. I fast on Fridays and during this time prayers are more potent. During the week I also pray focusing on souls who have asked for prayers. I pray several hours daily. My prayers include the Most Holy Rosary, several Divine Mercy Chaplets, many types of Litanies and Spiritual Warfare prayers.

Notice: You may make weekly prayer requests that I will remember on Fridays.

However, if you would like more intensive intercessory prayer and fasting for a special intention, I can accommodate your need.  Intercessory prayers can include helping those needing deliverance and/or physical healing. I have had much success in the past helping others with their requests, although I cannot guarantee any particular outcome due to my prayers and fasting. Please note that this is not a hands-on ministry, as I mainly serve people at a distance.  Thank you.

Please use the contact form below to reach me. God bless you.

CONTACT FORM: Contact Me – Weekly Prayer Request

CONTACT FORM: Contact Me – For A Special Intention (More Prayers And Fasting)     *DONATIONS APPRECIATED*

CONTACT FORM: Contact Me – To Submit A Praise Report Or Testimonial About An Answered Prayer

CONTACT FORM: Contact Me – Helpful Comments / Technical Issues / Questions

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