Testimonial – April 30, 2021 – Alcoholism in Family and Rebellious Teenager

Note: Original prayer request through My Sacred Shelter was about one year ago. The second answered prayer for the son was a few days ago through our WhatsApp prayer and support group.

April 30, 2021

The prayers helped me a lot at a time in our life that we were on the verge of despair. All due to the pain and suffering that we were going through because of my alcoholic brothers. I saw the announcement in the blog of Mary Refuge of Souls and I contacted Chris. I asked him for his prayers for my family for everything that was happening and the situation has improved a lot. They have been receiving psychological help and my father is almost a year without drinking. Then little by little we trust in God.

I recently asked Chris for help and in the prayer group that he leads, for my 14-year-old son who is at an incredible age of rebellion. He wanted to get a nose ring and it changed a lot with me from being a sweet and affectionate child who talks to me. All because I did not give him permission and he bothered me every day. Thanks to God and prayers, yesterday he changed his mind and he agreed not to get the earring for the best. It is not so important for other people, but for my own children, it is being fashionable in the teenagers who start making earrings all over the place and then tattoos. For me, it means a lot that they have obeyed me. Thanks to God and to Chris and everyone who was in this group who prayed for my son. God bless you.

I had not had time to thank you. Just yesterday, my son understood about the earring, a thousand thanks, it means a lot to me to the best. Many people see it well and the tattoos but I don’t. But now people think that all that is normal and I think that they are not even offended if you do not accept them. So I am happy that he understood. I clarify that I do not judge other people if they do but I prefer that my children do not do it. Thanks for your prayers and the group.

Pomona, California, USA