Testimonial – “A Soul” Of MaryRefugeOfSouls

I, “a soul”, of MaryRefugeOfSouls, feel blessed to know The Little Prophet of Love and her husband. I consider them to be dearly beloved friends and I full-heartedly recommend her husband for all your intercessory prayer needs. Since they launched their prophecy website in September 2019, they have handled many types of prayer requests with much intercessory success. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has blessed their marriage in an extraordinary and loving way, and I find them to be a model for what Christian marriage should be today.

Last November 2019, The Little Prophet of Love and her husband helped me in discerning a 16-year old trap that satan had laid for me. Upon discovering it, I rejected the pack of lies in my life and a horde of demons had to permanently flee my presence. Ever since then, I have experienced increasing profound peace and spiritual intimacy with the Lord. In retaliation, satan sent those demons after them — yikes — and for almost three months, they had to battle daily the same horde that had mentally tormented me for almost 16-years of my life(!).

Both The Little Prophet of Love and her husband were amazing in how they dealt with the situation. They did not complain, but they handled their intense suffering valiantly and courageously, which they offered up for the conversion of souls. Finally, they broke the stronghold of evil over them. What took me 16-years to do, they accomplished in three months — wow — smashing the heads of those serpents with the Cross of Our Savior and His Most Precious Blood, vanquishing them back to hell.

Truly, if you have any special prayer intentions — whether it be deliverance, physical healing, conversion of loved ones — really any type of need at all — you are in good hands. Her husband loves Our Lord and Our Lady with all his heart, spending many hours daily in prayer, in their God-given mission to pray for the salvation of souls in this End Times. While no outcome can be guaranteed, if you need a prayer breakthrough, you are in the right place to ask for additional help. God bless. Amen.