The power of The Body and Blood.

When the World Health Organisation revealed that Coronavirus was a dangerous world pandemic we all waited to see how this would affect us. Some of us had media glimpses of Chinese authorities shutting down cities or dragging people from their houses who may have not been ‘compliant’. Also an app was developed to alert citizens if they were approaching people who had been infected. So very early on the blueprint about how to handle the virus was from China.

From March 20th onwards similar approaches were rolled out in Europe where high infections outside China began to surface mainly in Italy. Italy because of new year holiday visits from infected Chinese tourists.

Being a Catholic who likes to attend mass daily and receive the Eucharist on the tongue I was saddened that this fear had spread into the inside of churches. I was also alarmed at how quickly and readily the Catholic Church capitulated. No discussion just acquiescence. Cheap shops remained open but Churches shut. This capitulation seemed similar in style to the Vatican China agreement; the details of which are secret.

Transubstantiation is the Catholic dogma that when the priest blesses the bread and wine that the real presence of Jesus in body and blood has occurred. So then if one believes this dogma how can one believe that the Eucharist and Blood of Christ can be infected with a virus?

The new idea in the church now was to ‘ save lives’ rather than save souls’. For 1,900 years at every second of the day The Eucharist has been held up and distributed to souls who would be spiritually strengthened . This Bread Of Life for all this time post resurrection has kept the world in balance. It’s a supernatural light for the world. Now for the first time the light of the world is being dimmed .Now chaos fear and disorder is taking over.

In England post reformation the Catholics were forbidden from gathering for mass. If a priest was found performing mass he would be brutally executed. Brave French Catholic priest’s smuggled themselves into England and were hidden in people’s houses. Some were caught and executed. The point here is the brave commitment to feeding the sheep of Christ. Priests fully believed in The supernatural power and importance of the Eucharist and would risk their lives to carry out full priestly duties.

Now we have fearful churches with people herded to pews. We have priests now not giving out the Eucharist at all even by hand because people have become so afraid. This fear is a wolf in sheep’s clothing encouraging us to avoid each other under some altruistic pretence. People are losing their humanity by accepting evil as good.

Satan knows that eliminating the Eucharist will increase his power; albeit for a short time.

This proves that the only weapon against totalitarianism is The Eucharist administered properly.