Words of Love v Words of apocalypse.

In Matthew Jesus was tested by the Pharisees to give them a sign. They asked him disingenuously ‘Teacher could you give us a sign’. Of course he knew their hearts and that the words they said veiled an overall disbelief that he Jesus was the Son of Man.

During the early stages of receiving messages Jesus taught us much about human nature mainly by trial and error. He knew it would be a wonderful shock for my wife and I to experience Our Lord in this way. My wife as a vessel and myself as a witness.

As a witness I would ask all types of questions. Some of these questions were banal in reflection. Jesus understood my curiosity and kindly gave way and would allow me to know things. We discovered over time that Jesus doesn’t like this.  I would say sorry to Jesus and he would reply ‘its ok you are curious’.

Later Jesus would explain that curiosity is not always a good thing. My wife is not curious and is a humble person. She genuinely doesn’t want to know who killed JFK or why the earth was created. My mind is always active and I believe my thinking at times can be entwined with my pride. The heart is more important than the mind. Once the heart changes then the mind does. Not the other way round. Like in cases of evil. A dark heart will create dark thinking then evil actions. It all starts in the heart.

Over time Jesus would indicate that he would speak when he wanted to and revealed what he allowed us to know. Jesus is kind and gentle but he does also need due honour because he is God. We just can’t go up to God and ask this and that. 

Jesus ultimately dotes on my wife. He has immense love for her. Also he wants her undivided attention. Over the last month our lives have been arranged in a way that can allow for this. Jesus has told us that my wife has a specific role after the warning. That people will want to experience Him through her and people will be driven to see her for this purpose.

Over the last six weeks my wife has been having spots before her eyes. She has a condition called CNVM which can lead to blindness. This is an upset of course but I also see it as part of Jesus arranging my wife’s life so that she can be closer to him. Hopefully she will not go blind but if she does I can see the purpose.

Jesus’s whole mission with us has been about love. Imparting loving words to my wife and the world. He also has revealed his pain and suffering at being rejected. His words to us are not apolocyptic but about love. Jesus wants people to experience his truth through his loving words. My sense is that because of human curiosity many can be drawn to the curiosity and titillation of apocalyptic prophecy. Words that create shock and worry in my mind are best avoiding. Surely trust and prayer are our best routes. Anything that ruins our peace is best avoiding. It’s clear that there are evil people on earth who are doing Satan’s destructive bidding. How many times do we have to remind ourselves of this? Trust and prayer. Engage the heart in prayer especially in our Rosaries and Divine Mercies.

The world needs this.

A glimpse of Hell.

On Monday the 8th of November I said four divine mercies while I was resting in bed before sleep. In the past I have said 4 divine mercies and from this a vision or a dream has occurred. The 4 DMs seem to be a spiritual portal or doorway. Jesus has in the past allowed me to see glimpses of heaven and purgatory. During the night I was shown a glimpse of Hell. It was a dream or inner vision but it happened and ended quickly.


I had seen Hell as a child. Jesus had locked that memory in my life for later to show me where I could have ended up if I had not turned to him and moved away from a sinful life. This was revealed to me via my wife by Jesus as being the reason for this experience.My childhood perception was of seeing my whole family falling into a swirling volcanic mess.

On Monday I was given another glimpse. I have an old friend who passed away some years ago. By all accounts a nice man who was liked by everyone. He was given many things in life and was a Catholic like me.  There is more to this story but I have to be conscious of his family. Its highly unlikely his children will ever read about this. Our Blessed Mother said’ write with love’ back in 2019.

Jesus reads the heart in judgement. Jesus told us people send themselves there. People reject Jesus bitterly during judgement blaming Our Lord for everything. I believe this happened with him.


On Monday I saw a fiery Martian backdrop and a cliff about 30 metres in front of me with a chasm down the middle. On each side of the cliff were buses heading towards a gap in the middle. Inevitably these two buses were to fall off the gap into the valley. Bones laid strewn on the floor just below the cliff.  I didn’t see my friend but heard him and I was either viewing what he was seeing or standing next to him. My friend was looking up at the cliff. He was crying fearfully as he knew he would be next to go in the bus. I didn’t see him. I heard screaming in the distance of a variety of people and I heard the moans of my friend near me. His London accent I remember and the sorrowful sound of him saying ‘No no’. I woke up in the night and said to my wife’ help me’. He is someone I knew, who I loved and he has gone. I still feel sad that he has perished.

In Hell I was aware of the psychological horror, the loneliness, the sadism of demons and the absence of God. It was a feeling of emptiness; that your time is over because you had your chance on earth. I know Jesus feels sorrow for souls who go there. If I feel sad for my friend, its much worse for Jesus.

 It’s a place to avoid and I was left with that feeling that others have who have seen Hell.

You wouldn’t wish the place on anyone. 

Message from Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘ If only My loved ones could see the pain I have to go through’


You are Mine My child.
Yes, I AM Jesus.
Children place Me in your hearts. I lay with you, I seek you children. 
Every moment is a blessing from Me. 
Children, do not look for items that cause you stress. Be of a humble mind. I choose you, I choose you because of this. 
This life is not forever.
If only My loved ones could see the pain I have to go through. Love Me above everything in this world. I speak with a soft tone. I speak for you My children. I take time to allow My children to come to Me. You all need My love.
Jesus is the only way. 
Place each day in My light.


NB Jesus’s suffering is the separation from us and the sin in the world today which also contributes to his pain.

Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘ Keep Me in your love. There is not much time left’


Angelic Protection Prayer

Litany of Precious blood

Divine Mercy

 6th Of November 2021

9.20 pm


My children, you are Mine. I love you both. Love, love, love. I AM Jesus, This is Me! You are Mine.

My children take My hand. You are both on this path together. Keep Me in your love. There is not much time left. I AM coming to you soon .Children you must be prepared. I want you to stop doing what you shouldn’t. ………No one loves Me as they should.

Take all I give you child, I AM calling you My child. My child You are My daughter, I call you. 

I love you, thank you, your prayers are heard. My son you are Mine . Be at peace, Be at peace.

I bless you both 

You are Mine 


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Preparation for The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) – Wrath of God – Instructions for Children – Seven (7) Years Old and Younger – …

Isis and the 3rd secret

With Afghanistan in a state of flux Isis could come again like Jesus said to The Little Prophet



Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘ Please children take My hand. You are being deceived’

23rd July 2021. 3.56pm


During the Divine Mercy Chaplet Jesus spoke:

 Please children take My hand. You are being deceived. Please pray. My time is close. I have little time now to bring My children to Me. This place I want you to be in is so full of joy. You are being deceived children.

I AM your God

How many times am I to be there prompting? I should always have a place in your hearts. I, this is Me, I AM, I AM Jesus. I know how much you all suffer. I AM waiting for you to speak with Me.

Now is the time children. You are Mine.