Messages from The Green Scapular June 2022

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2022 Heavenly Messages as given to Anna Marie, an Apostle of the Green Scapular
JUNE 14, 2022, TUESDAY @ 9:30 P.M.
Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit? Jesus: My dear little one, it is I, your Divine Savior, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.
Anna Marie: Dear Jesus, may I ask please? Will you bow down and adore your Holy Eternal Merciful Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?
Jesus: Yes my dear one, I your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, will now and will always bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visi- ble and invisible.
Anna Marie: Please speak my dear Lord, for your sinful servant is now listening.
Jesus: Mybelovedone,IhavecometospeakonwhatmyApostlescandoinpreparationofthewarand famine before it begins. First, place four blessed Green Scapulars in the four corners of your home. If you have two floors, place them on the second level in the four corners of your home.
Jesus: Next, place the canisters with medals in the four corners of your land and put the Crucifixes over your door ways. The Home Protection Kit will have all the necessary items and prayer in order for you to do so. If you use or make your own, you can still use the prayer which is to be said at each corner of your yard or land. Make sure you have all medals and Crucifixes blessed before installing them.
Jesus: Next, pray your Rosary daily and your Chaplet of Mercy too. In doing so, you will build a foundation of prayer that will turn into a regular routine. Attend daily Holy Mass if possible, in this way you will be strengthened for the days of sorrows which are soon to be here. Pray and pray more.
Jesus: Ask me what items you need to purchase or prepare before the great days of Chastisement. I will cer- tainly guide you to obtain, make or purchase. I love you all, my beloved children, and I WILL for each of you to live through the “Great Days of Sorrows”. Do not be worried or afraid. Am I not your Divine Savior? I will save you, my dearest little ones. Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be opened unto you.
Jesus: I know and can see the great darkness that covers all countries now. My enemy and yours is and has been preparing an army of wicked spirits (and persons). Do not be afraid, I have already won the battle with him and he is now seducing anyone who does not love me and does not keep the holy Commandments of our Holy Eternal Father; my Father and yours.
Jesus: I see also my Church, I see the darkness that now covers the Vatican and the one leading it has re- fused to serve my Father. He will be judged and answer to all his crimes. I have told to you before, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, I shall repay”. Your mission is to pray for those who require conversion now; and mine is to worry about how to work around or lead my beloved children away from their traps. The devil has and will continue to set up to destroy the faith of my Church, which is you my beloved ones.
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Apostolate of the Green Scapular http://www.greenscapular.org
2022 Heavenly Messages as given to Anna Marie, an Apostle of the Green Scapular
JUNE 14, 2022, TUESDAY @ 9:30 P.M. (Continue)
Jesus: Do not allow evil to take your peace away but rejoice in my love and protection for you and your fami- lies. Soon after the war, I will return, but that date is only known by my Father in Heaven. So for now, keep a watchful eye on matters in your country and pray daily for your country.
Anna Marie: Yes dear Jesus.
Jesus: Pray also for your state, province, city and household. I love you my dear ones. I love you and hear all your prayers, I see your tears and I mend your broken hearts with my holy divine grace. Your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.
Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus for coming and speaking to me tonight.
Jesus: Dear one,
Anna Marie: Yes Jesus.
Jesus: Please ensure this message is posted before 12:00 p.m. tomorrow.
Anna Marie: Yes dear Jesus, I will. Dear Jesus, all Apostles around the world love you.
Jesus: Yes, they have helped mitigate many threats of destruction from evil dictators and persons. My Apos- tles will be greatly rewarded in heaven by my Eternal Father and my Heavenly Mother. The glories they will receive in Heaven will be beyond their human understanding because of their great love and prayers.
Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus! We are unworthy, my holy Lord. Thank you so much!
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The Devotion of The Precious Blood and messages of Barnabas Nwoye. 🇳🇪.

Im sure many of you know this devotion and have been saying the chaplet of the precious blood. I bought this book a year ago and it is a regular part of my prayer life. I have also had some prayers translated and printed into Latin which I pray at home or on the bus on the way to work.

About a month ago we found a 12 beaded rosary left at church. We didn’t think anything of it. Then soon after a huge framed picture was left at the back of church. The same image featured here. We brought this home and placed it on our altar. The coincidences were too strong so now my wife is saying the chaplet of the precious blood. It’s been a calling to follow these prayers. Jesus now must be specially calling us all Catholics to follow this devotion.

Please pray also for the 50 souls killed at Catholic mass very recently in Nigeria.



‘Invading the earth in order to blot out the name of God and of his Christ’

Excerpt from Longform St Michael Prayer

I was alarmed by this article and how much it corresponds with The Longform St Michael Prayer. I’m sure once this starts in China it will spread to the rest of the world via the UN or other means.




On the consecration of Russia. Father Gruner and Kramer discuss Antonio Ruffini in 2012.


Antonio Ruffini



The rejection of love.

During Jesus’s time other prophets went throughout the Holy Land proclaiming this and that. Many were seen drawing crowds based on the apocalyptic and sensational insights they believed came from God. Therefore, Jesus had to find his way amongst this and proclaim his love. His kingdom was based on his love. He is love itself. Others shouted louder spouting sensational so called prophecy. Others would proclaim the messiah is coming and that Israel would be free from roman rule. Some would proclaim to be Messiahs themselves and say that they would lead others in a battle against the Romans.

Our Poor Lord would use parables and talk about his love. His love was rejected despite the wonder of his miracles. Somehow people didn’t want his love they didn’t want to know how much his heart burnt in love for them. They probably couldn’t understand it as they thought the messiah was to be a macho leader a political leader. In the bible Jesus actually mentions how genuine Prophets will be less heard and rejected.

Jesus is patient gentle and calm he isn’t an inciter of mobs. His love runs counter to our earthly understanding. What is revered in Heaven is usually rejected on earth. His display of miracles was probably necessary to bring people to him so that he could deliver his words. Privileged people would have seen his gentle demeanour and observe his love by the way he spoke to them. Love emanated from him. Those in defiant sin could not sit with this and would look away. Those wanting to change and feel his love would have been transformed by his presence as the apostles were. His words are life the words that created life. It must have been a wonderful experience. I have witnessed this myself when Jesus speaks through my wife. Its transformative to watch as Jesus takes over and slowly talks in gentle kindness. He is always a gentleman.

Any genuine Prophet of Jesus will usually face rejection ridicule or just be forgotten. People will not want to know about the truth of his love because it can cause upset to those who live for money or the respect of other humans. That Mirror of truth being love. The Fatima and Garanbandal children, Padre Pio and Bernadette all went through rejection; sadly, in some cases by the Catholic church itself. My wife and I also face situations when people cannot make direct eye contact with us. Jesus has placed his love in our hearts which is wonderful and at times upsetting because of the amount of sin we see around us in the world. I said in confession today I struggle because I have a dose of Jesus’ love in my heart.  We are far from perfect and at times feel unworthy.

Jesus told my wife that her messages will be ‘put down’ as he was while on earth. I observe sometimes how many people read certain articles on my website. I have also published words from Jesus on this website.  Jesus words are less read than my own ramblings. For me this is so sad. My wife is named ‘Little prophet of Love’ her prophetic ability isn’t about telling the future that’s not her mission. Her words are to draw people back to Jesus. The words give people a different understanding of Jesus’s love and his suffering at being rejected which he suffers now.

She is a prophet of love. Jesus has an immense love for her as he does all of us. The person we all avoid in the street who looks strange and scary is loved with a burning endearment by Jesus. Our limitations are always around us in sin which torment each of us. Jesus of course sees this difficulty. Our only option is to surrender to him not the torment of controlling things ourselves. We are all dearly loved with a passion from the heart of Jesus.

Message 29th May 2019


I AM glad you have come; I want to tell you why I have chosen you to take My words. Now we may begin. The reason I come to you like this is because you are so humble, you are a child. I do not want you to be contaminated by this world. I’m willing to go at a slow pace. I have been watching you for years. You can be trusted, write this child: My love for you is so special, oh My love, My dear little child.




Our Blessed Mother: ‘ This country will suffer terribly’

I am your Mother,I am with with you

I hear you My children

This is a very worrying time In the history of man.

Children help one another. Pray.

Children this country (Ukraine) will suffer terribly.

I need your prayers. I want you to know that

the enemy is here ,he wants you….

he wants you destroyed children, he wants you to be ill.

This world needs prayers,I am here, Love one another.

I love you both. I will go now

but I am always with you .


Fast and Prayer for the consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart Of Our Blessed Mother. March 2nd first day of Lent.

Fast just sipping water…. to end at 6pm. No coffee.



Words of Love v Words of apocalypse.

In Matthew Jesus was tested by the Pharisees to give them a sign. They asked him disingenuously ‘Teacher could you give us a sign’. Of course he knew their hearts and that the words they said veiled an overall disbelief that he Jesus was the Son of Man.

During the early stages of receiving messages Jesus taught us much about human nature mainly by trial and error. He knew it would be a wonderful shock for my wife and I to experience Our Lord in this way. My wife as a vessel and myself as a witness.

As a witness I would ask all types of questions. Some of these questions were banal in reflection. Jesus understood my curiosity and kindly gave way and would allow me to know things. We discovered over time that Jesus doesn’t like this.  I would say sorry to Jesus and he would reply ‘its ok you are curious’.

Later Jesus would explain that curiosity is not always a good thing. My wife is not curious and is a humble person. She genuinely doesn’t want to know who killed JFK or why the earth was created. My mind is always active and I believe my thinking at times can be entwined with my pride. The heart is more important than the mind. Once the heart changes then the mind does. Not the other way round. Like in cases of evil. A dark heart will create dark thinking then evil actions. It all starts in the heart.

Over time Jesus would indicate that he would speak when he wanted to and revealed what he allowed us to know. Jesus is kind and gentle but he does also need due honour because he is God. We just can’t go up to God and ask this and that. 

Jesus ultimately dotes on my wife. He has immense love for her. Also he wants her undivided attention. Over the last month our lives have been arranged in a way that can allow for this. Jesus has told us that my wife has a specific role after the warning. That people will want to experience Him through her and people will be driven to see her for this purpose.

Over the last six weeks my wife has been having spots before her eyes. She has a condition called CNVM which can lead to blindness. This is an upset of course but I also see it as part of Jesus arranging my wife’s life so that she can be closer to him. Hopefully she will not go blind but if she does I can see the purpose.

Jesus’s whole mission with us has been about love. Imparting loving words to my wife and the world. He also has revealed his pain and suffering at being rejected. His words to us are not apocalyptic but about love. Jesus wants people to experience his truth through his loving words. My sense is that because of human curiosity many can be drawn to the curiosity and titillation of apocalyptic prophecy. Words that create shock and worry in my mind are best avoided.Surely trust and prayer are our best routes. Anything that ruins our peace can distract from prayer. It’s clear that there are evil people on earth who are doing Satan’s destructive bidding. How many times do we have to remind ourselves of this? Trust and prayer. Engage the heart in prayer especially in our Rosaries and Divine Mercies.

The world needs this.