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The Prophecy Of The Saint Michael Prayer.


Messages from Barry Wunsch

Prophetic Word: Recompense for the Nations is at hand!
November 5, 2023
Respectfully Submitted,
Barry Wunsch

I woke through the early Sunday morning hours, at 3:33 and again at 4:44.

The Lord started speaking to me and through out the morning and day, He gave me this word to release today.

As I received this word, The Lord impressed upon me this is going to be a very big week and the Lord is preparing us for what is to come in the near days ahead.

The demise of the Cabal and Deep State – Babylon is coming down!
Evil Demonic regimes are going down.
Recompense is coming!

Here is the word the Lord gave me, nothing more, nothing less.

Respectfully Submitted
Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

“Barry, I want you to tell my people today the
tipping point is at hand.
What the Nations are bracing for is about to
come to pass.
This is not the end, it is only the beginning.
Let me assure you that there is no turning
this one around!
It is time to embrace a deliverance of biblical
There is nothing in heaven or earth that can
restrict my furious love for you and bringing
freedom and deliverance to the Nations!
The enemy is playing every card he has and
and he shall prevail not!
For it is time for my people to stand up and
walk in the power and authority they have
been given.
This present darkness is nothing for Me!
For do you not remember that I overcame
death and the grave that you could have
abundant life!
Watch with me as the evil plans of man
disappear like vapour in the wind!

Have you forgotten who established the foundations of the universe?
Let me remind you I can change a nation in a day!
Do not underestimate My power and authority, or the wisdom in my ways!

It is time for the hammer to drop!

And drop the hammer I shall!

And the Nations will not be able to deny My hand upon them in this hour!

This is the hour, this is the time, to stand and advance the line in the power of My great name to advance My Kingdom purposes!

What looks impossible to man is nothing for me!

The key to advance is found only in intimacy, surrender and obedience unto Me.

As you come to trust me as a loving Father, and as you surrender unto Me, your every agenda, every ambition, every gift, every talent, every hurt, trauma and offence I will heal you, lead you and take care of you better than you can yourself! I will move on your behalf and you will see miracles signs and wonders as we advance together! You will have every resource that you would ever need!

And I will get the Glory, for it will be not by your strength but mine!”

Holy is the word of the Lord

God Bless and Protect you and your families!
God Bless and Protect Israel!
God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful!
God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free!

Barry Wunsch
PO Box 25069 Deer Park
Red Deer, AlbertaT4R 2M2…

Catholic, Garanbandal, My Sacred Shelter

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Notification to Christ’s Faithful (can. 212 § 3)
Dubia Submitted to Pope Francis

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Dream from May 6th 2023

I was outside a room encased with glass. I could view what was going on. In the room were young men, black and white and there was tension relating to an incident. I was watching this incident build with someone and I said we better look away as violence was about to occur. People came to gather outside to watch but we walked away.
Other news reports was that Tony Blair was planning to run for political power but was being advised not to.
Then some oriental women stood dressed in black blindfolded on floating barges on some water area. They were then beheaded. I viewed this beheading vividly and was told inwardly in my mind as this happened : ‘ This is world war 3’ . This woke me up at 5 am.

My wife had a beheading dream a few days before.

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Father Altman is a true hero and true priest of The Holy Catholic Church.

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Prayer in Honor of the Drops of Blood Lost by Jesus

Prayer in Honor of the Drops of Blood Lost by Jesus

Prayer in Honor of the Drops of Blood Lost by Jesus
Catholic, My Sacred Shelter, The Little Prophet Of Love

Message from Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘ Children do not be afraid. You are living in terrible times’

Feast of John the Baptist.

June 24th 2023.

I AM Jesus.
I AM your God.

I always,always hear.
Children,do not be afraid.
You are living in terrible times.
I want you both to please be patient.
I AM with you, I adore you children.
I look upon you with love,love.
I AM your saviour,saviour of the world.
I AM here.
I AM here children.
You do not need to be afraid.
You have everything you need.
I give it to you
I give it to you.
Children, I know what you need.
Stay with Me and I will always help you.
Children, I love you.
I love you.

I bless you.
( Signal blessing Father Son and The Holy Spirit)

I want you to be at peace.


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Friday June 16th 2023.

The beating heart of Our Lord Jesus awaits us in each Holy Mass. May we honour him by approaching the altar with reverence. Please,any Eucharistic Minister examine your conscience. Jesus expects and deserves all the love respect and reverence we can give.

If anyone is intending to dress in shorts…please don’t do this. Please don’t wear sandals. It takes very little money to dress respectfully. We are approaching Calvary each time we near the altar.  In our hearts remember Our Blessed Mother’s suffering. Please on this day let us please Jesus as much as we can.

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Prayers for June for the Salvation of Souls…especially hard to reach relatives.

The Little Prophet of Love.