The Purple Scapular


Spritual torment

Words from Little Prophet about the brown Scapular plus Father Ripperger.

For years now I’ve worn the brown Scapular on and off. Every time I wear the Scapular circumstances become very stressful troublesome and people seek argument with me more than usual. This period is bearable for two weeks.

Before returning to church I was on a definite road to Hell. So wearing the Scapular is two fingers up to the enemy who sends such circumstances back in revenge.

25th June 2019

When Chris wears brown scapular does he get attacked?

Jesus :Yes.

Chris ‘ can I wear again?’

Jesus ‘ I will give him the strength to wear it


Three days of prayer for the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. Mass intentions Cardinal Burke. Catholic action for faith and family.


Image Of Jesus in the Sun March 2019.

On the consecration of Russia. Father Gruner and Kramer discuss Antonio Ruffini in 2012.


Antonio Ruffini



Jesus is in tears tonight….

Angelic Protection Prayer.

One Glorious Mystery Rosary

During the second Divine Mercy…..


Our Lord Jesus interrupted:

My wife’s body formed into the crucifix shape. Her hand in the trinity sign. When my wife first received messages in May 2019 her body would involuntarily form into the crucifix shape.


I am with you My child. You are mine.

I AM Jesus. I thank you.

I love you both so much.

You must keep My love within you.

I AM always in your heart.

Please ask Me when you need Me.

I will always come to you.

Child……..(tears.. my wife’s face reddened with tears…I cried also at Jesus’s sadness


Satan: pointed at husband 

I am not here for your purpose’ ( pointing at husband)…nasty guttural voice much like a wicked old man sound pointing his finger with anger. His mouth gestured angrily and menacingly.


During interference from the enemy husband held Cross of St Benedict and asked Jesus to help and said ‘Immaculate heart of Mary unite our hearts with yours’. I also said Hail Marys in repetition.

He went quite quickly. Usually I feel my heart quicken in fear when he manifests but I didn’t this time. He would like to ruin my wife and hates me helping my wife as I am her spiritual director.

Jesus said that when we first received the messages we will feel times of torment as the enemy will want us to feel bad. Jesus wants us to be at peace. The enemy does not want my wife to receive messages.