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Dream from two weeks ago.

About 2 weeks ago I had a dream. I wasn’t terrified by it, although what I saw was terrifying.
First scene was viewing earth from space below me. It was a corner or section of the planet not the whole planet. Below me was just fire everywhere. The area was western Europe ,the mainland.
Next scene was civic disorder and panic. Young men were going around shooting people. I was in the back of a car with my wife but was shot in the leg. We made our way to hospital for treatment but the hospital itself was under fire. I got the impression that the disorder spread like a ‘ domino effect’.
I’ve had a dream before about most of the UK being under water.Parts of the south east relatively unscathed but with houses under water in sections around London and south east.. This particular dream was in September 2020 where I was given a couple of prophetic dreams.

Catholic, Prayers, The Passion of Jesus,

Prayers to mitigate war.

When praying from the heart I receive a signal grace. This is always with the rosary and not the divine mercy.

The signal I used to receive would be a sudden ‘jolt.’My head would move to the left mainly. This always happened when I deeply focus in prayer on specific intentions or if I deeply visualise each stage of a rosary. I get this most strongly with the sorrowful then the glorious and least so with the luminous mystery.

Since June 2021 these signal graces have changed the jolt was replaced with a calm pressure on the centre of my forehead. This is a pleasant feeling. A newer signal has been a grimace: my neck stretches and face grimaces.

Over the last two weeks when I focus on intentions during the sorrowful mystery I receive a strong grimace. When Putins face appears in my mind I get a very strong grimace. It happens instinctively.

This strongly indicates that heaven desires specifically sorrowful mystery Rosaries to mitigate Russia.


Re consecration to OBM Immaculate Heart. Jesus to Little Prophet September 2019. ‘ I will tell you that this has not happened ’

Fr Gabriel Amorth on the Consecration of Russia; Russia has not been Consecrated to Our Lady