Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘ Please children take My hand. You are being deceived’

23rd July 2021. 3.56pm


During the Divine Mercy Chaplet Jesus spoke:

 Please children take My hand. You are being deceived. Please pray. My time is close. I have little time now to bring My children to Me. This place I want you to be in is so full of joy. You are being deceived children.

I AM your God

How many times am I to be there prompting? I should always have a place in your hearts. I, this is Me, I AM, I AM Jesus. I know how much you all suffer. I AM waiting for you to speak with Me.

Now is the time children. You are Mine.



About UFOs from Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love. November 2019.

Monday 11th November 2019


After Divine Mercy Chaplet


This is Jesus born Incarnate.

My love I love you so much. Please take your time I AM here.

1.Q. Is this the only fallen planet?

A Yes

Jesus: My child I will tell you. I AM Jesus. My adversary only wants to destroy my people. Devils travel to other planets but earth is where they want to cause havoc.

‘Yes’ UFOs Aliens are demons and demonic devices’

My love, I AM the one in control of this Universe. I allow the devils to roam this earth. It’s children who need to understand the spiritual. I tell you these devils have their place on earth and earth is where they relish. Earth is where they feed. Hell is where they dwell. Child they can travel. They are clever and cunning. My love hell is in the middle of the earth.

Small message from Our Blessed Mother to The Little Prophet and her husband.

Sometimes, but rarely I can be tormented by the enemy on Fridays during fasting and prayer. Yesterday many sorrowful mysteries were said and then with my wife later. The enemy was seeking to cause disputes to stop prayer. With prayer we made sure that didn’t happen.

Our Blessed Mother

18th June 2021 5.14pm.

After Five Sorrowful Mystery


Love one another. My children, you are blessed. You are very blessed.

Children thank you for all you have done for me. You are mine.

Children, love one another.


To The Little Prophet and her husband

The Holy Rosary is now more powerful:

I’ve noticed some incidents that occur when my wife and myself pray the Holy Rosary.

I can only say it’s like a bomb of peace that falls covering an area of up to 50 metres in front of us.

We live on a council estate. In America this would be called the projects. Some families are dysfunctional and we can hear families arguing: Mothers shouting at children or the pockets cannabis which sadly have become the diety of this area.

Jesus has sent an angel to guard this council estate and it has become more peaceful over time. Anti social families have moved on.

Over the last 2 months I’ve noticed a definite response in nature and human behaviour as soon as we say the Rosary. Our Blessed Mother steps into the environment will all her power to dismiss demons from the minds and mouths of people. Then there is a hush as the portal of peace descends. Birds tweet less and more quietly. Time seems to slow down like a glass of protection before you.

So I believe that the Holy Rosary is now more efficacious because God wishes this to fight evil. We pray for a pushback against communism and all the enemies of The Holy Catholic Church. We are in evil times now. The Rosary is more powerful to fight evil .

I hope others are experiencing this phenomena.

God Bless

Message from Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘This will be a time of preparation. You must always be in a way of pleasing Me.’

Wednesday 9Th June 2021


After The Divine Mercy Chaplet


Yes, I want My child. You love, you are so treasured. You please Me. This will be a time of preparation. You must always be in a way of pleasing Me. You are treasured. This, children is Jesus. Have you been pleasing Me? 

Too, too many children walk a wrong path. I AM your Creator. Choose Me and I will love you more. Let’s pray children. You know we have a time of difficulties. Look around and see who is My child. This upsets your Jesus. This is not a world of love. Children come to Me. I can help you.

This looks too tiresome for many.



Message from Jesus to The Little Prophet Of Love. ‘This chance to pray in My churches is not for long.’


We were surprised to receive a longer message for the public like this as Jesus said he would not give messages anymore like before.

There are two explanations I can think of:

1. Jesus is the Author of Life and can decide on anything at any time for whatever reason he chooses. He is God and he has that privilege.

2. When we first got to know Jesus we found that he is very hurt and in pain from being shut out by his children. His responses are very human. Like when we are hurt by someone in our lives and we may react in pain by saying ‘ I don’t want to see you again’. We don’t mean it but we say it.

The Bandits are driving the bus.

Pentecost is about Jesus sending ‘the helper’ the Holy Spirit to his Apostles. The Holy Spirit is opposed to the world and the flesh. When the Holy Spirit acts in us we feel peace and we are able to tolerate our crosses. The Pentecost is not about the environment and social problems of the poor. An Archbishop recently made an unbearably tenuous link with Pentecost to promote eco politics and socialism just last weekend. The words ‘common home’ and ‘build back better’ were used in his pastoral letter. I thought I was listening to a speech by a left wing politician. It had as St Pauls says the appearance of holiness but empty inside. Modern day Pharisees of the church: Holy appearance on the outside but empty internally. This letter started well but the main theme is nothing to do with Jesus.

Now it has been very difficult for me to keep quiet about the problems in our church. At times I feel a slight fear in speaking out; but why should I, when I see such crazy nonsense being validated which is contrary to what Our Lord Jesus wants. The church wasn’t created to save lives in the flesh it was created to save souls and then all after falls into place. It wasn’t formed out of the blood of saints over many years to become a socialist charity which has co-opted the economic philosophy of communism and presented it as Christianity. It has been taken over to become the church of the Anti- Christ.

Many people skirt around this topic of Bergoglio being an anti-pope. Some priests have been excommunicated for suggesting such. I have asked Jesus if he is the false prophet and the last pope and Jesus gave us the reply: ‘Yes’.

He is the false prophet and his job is to destroy the traditions of the church and prepare it for the anti-Christ who he will work closely with. They are the beasts of Johns revelation. In my wife’s messages Jesus refers to Bergoglio as ‘an imposter’. He is cunning and deceptive. Inside he is different from how he appears externally.

 Priests who have lost the supernatural faith and want to make their life easier follow a new path. This route gives them easy power. Many in the church are afraid to speak out even as the plane is crashing.

Bergoglio communicates to his Cardinals to promote this eco nonsense by a hierarchal chain. Archbishops locate Bishops and Auxiliaries to groom parishes and find priests who want to get ahead and have this easy power. Priests and parishes are groomed by Bishops. I have witnessed this happen over the last 2-3 years. The aim is to control the minds of the parishners with this apolocyptic ecology. As Vigano said the church is ‘supranational’ Which gives it a universal reach.

 To suggest you want the Eucharist on the tongue would rouse an angry reaction from these bandits who now like to lecture to servile parishners who submit to this power. We must remember fear should not reside in Catholic Churches but we now have a new God of fear promoted . The light of the world dims since March 2020 because the Bread of Life is not being administered as it should be. The centre of the whole problem in every aspect is the attack on the Eucharist. The enemy knows if he can remove the Eucharist that he can create his crazy world empire through his AC son.

Since June 2020 this enemy has received power and it has influenced the minds of the world mainly through the media. People are behaving differently.

We need to pray Our Rosaries and St Michael Longforms.

God Bless