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Sister Emmerich in Lent – Week 2, Wednesday

12. MEANS TAKEN BY JESUS’ ENEMIES FOR CARRYING OUT THEIR DESIGNS. GLANCE AT JERUSALEM AT THIS HOUR      As soon as Jesus was taken into custody, Annas and Caiaphas were informed of the fact and they began actively to arrange their plans. The courts were lighted up and all the entrances provided with guards. […]

Sister Emmerich in Lent – Week 2, Wednesday

To The Unknown Unbeliever: ‘This world will lead you in the wrong direction.Come away from all that is evil.’

In June 2019 Jesus kindly gave me a message through the Little Prophet to give to a friend of mine who doesn’t believe. I have tried with this friend but like many they prefer the sinful world. I thought this message is so loving and has a universal appeal that it can apply to any soul who chooses to ignore Jesus.