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Plans to abolish cash.

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Book of Truth Prayer session by Zoom

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Nordstream Pipeline and the prayers of suffering souls.

Recent developments with the Nordstream pipeline have raised some thoughts.

Yesterday I prayed to mitigate Putin and received a less severe signal grace ( which looks like a strange grimace)

Before this incident I was receiving severe reactions which led me to believe that a bombing of a country could of happened but by prayer this was mitigated.

Jesus has allowed the enemy his time to cause havoc more intensely since 2020. The prayers of the faithful are needed so much to soften the blow because of so much darkness.

Around the period of December 2019 to March 2020 my wife and I underwent an awful suffering of the soul. It was feelings of extreme dread gloom etc. It was unbearable at times but prayer helped. I believe war with Iran was stopped because of that. Other suffering souls would have similar experiences.

Jesus uses blessed souls for periods of suffering. The prayers and suffering of blessed suffering souls carries some weight to mitigate and in some cases stop a threat.