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Pray and fast tomorrow.

There is so much darkness. Now it’s beyond the precipice. It’s more than a syrupy gloom hanging heavy in the atmosphere.

The Holy Catholic church operates in pockets; some in Latin mass some in regular churches. We go to local mass and we are there for only one thing: Jesus in The Eucharist. The Eucharist is the nucleus of our faith. To be received on the tongue out of reverence. Only the priest should touch our Lord’s Sacred Body. Fellowship and brotherhood smells of masonry and that is not why we go to mass. We don’t go to mass to hear clapping or smile and wave at people who in their hearts dislike us. We are there for the Eucharist…the nucleus of our faith..left to us as a tangible legacy. We are not there to see so called Eucharistic ministers undermine the priest. The priest alone should be the only person going to the Tabernacle. It’s an easy stretch just to turn around and do this rather than some deceived fool meddle in a sacred event. The enemy works in incremental changes over time. Always the Longview.

Offer your hearts in Divine Mercy prayers for the salvation of souls. This is your job and mine. Let’s never take our hearts away from the suffering Jesus endured out of love.

Jesus suffers right now.

Jesus to The Little Prophet:

10th July 2019

After 10 am mass at the Holy Rosary I grabbed the chance to speak to the Bishop .We spoke just outside the sacristy, the priest was within listening distance. I mentioned the value of the priest collecting the chalice from the tabernacle rather than the Eucharistic minister (which hold the hosts) . I mentioned I thought it was less reverent if a Eucharistic minister did this.

He disagreed and made no eye contact with me during this discussion. The Bishop saw no difference between priest and Eucharistic minister performing this function.

At 5.00pm we spoke with Jesus and I asked him about these issues:


I thank you both for praying now and asking to speak with Me. I know life can be tough, and I know sometimes you may feel uneasy or unsure about things. Please know that I AM in your midst and I will help you. You just need to call upon Me

Husband: Dear Father could you speak about the Bishop from earlier?

Jesus: This was something he did not want to discuss, he felt it was irrelevant, but son you
tried and I AM pleased and I thank you. My church is not as it once was, it will only get worse.

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Lockdown Television and Jesus: February 1st 2021.

Watching television in the evening a variety of celebrities chatter away about how they cope with the lockdown. They talk about everything. They talk mainly about themselves. They never mention Jesus.

About ten years ago I tried to be an actor. Although I was semi delusional I gained an understanding of the mentality of an actor. An actor feels and seeks ‘love’ from an audience; it’s a synthetic experience.It can be a self made trap because self obsession becomes unavoidable. The face and attributes of the actor are self obsessed about until they get higher levels of adulation . This is the reason why taking drugs is very common for actors and pop stars. Self idolatry also can contribute to distracting souls away from God.

Being in this situation of lockdown that most of us find ourselves in,some of us may realise that our lives are much more stripped down. That material things are now struggling to gratify us like before. Jesus is obviously trying to minimise our lives so that we face what is actually important.What is the result of this? The worse it gets with loneliness and depression during lockdown the more the media ‘Act’ like Jesus doesn’t exist. They behave as if Jesus never existed. The media can’t quite bring itself to say the name ‘Jesus’. Peripheral things are mentioned but never the name. The utterance of Our Lords name has now become an offence. Childish jokes replace basic reverence.

Really now is an excellent time to become closer to Jesus. He waits and waits and respects the free will The Father gave us. He waits to be part of our lives to take control of aspects that we cannot handle too well.

The television will be the last thing to prompt us in the right direction.