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Vote on buffer zones. Contact your MP.

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‘The Crowning of Thorns during My Crucifixion is symbolic’. From The Book of Truth.

Book of Truth,, Catholic, Christmas,, media, My Sacred Shelter, Prayers, Roe v Wade, Spiirual War,, The Eucharist, The Holy Rosary, The Passion of Jesus,

Suffering: different types….

During late 2019 and early 2020 my wife and I were requested to suffer for a couple of months. Looking back now I know it was to avert war being planned at that time.
For much of this period I wasn’t working so my contact with people was limited. I’ve been employed since October 2021 as the Lord wanted this from me as previously there was a curse of ‘ unemployment ‘ over my life. During periods of unemployment I tried everything to get work and no response would come. Now I can click on an employment website and get an interview quickly. This didn’t occur for five years before Jesus removed this curse.
Now as Ive gone out into the world the suffering continues but in different forms. This suffering is an exterior happening with attacks from people towards me. This has manifested mainly in my last job with accusations,investigations which were all proven untrue. All of these things caused me a lot of anxiety and impacted my health. When I was not loving Jesus and lived a sinful life people respected me and wanted to be my friend. Now I must say people are unpleasnt to me. It’s cool to not love Jesus hence this is why Christians appear untrendy to the sinner.
Being a sensitive suffering soul my ideal environment would be to be around quiet calm Christians on the same page. Alas the chaos of the world doesn’t allow this. People react to me in strange ways. One common one is young adults who are living in much sin; they struggle to make eye contact with me. As you know sin is no longer seen as sinful; it’s now the default way of being.
On buses if it is very busy people will not sit near me. I would have a spare seat next to me but still people would rather stand than be near me. I kind of chuckle about this as it gives me space anyway. On a spiritual level I know what is going on.
Behind the veil demons occupy nearly all the space. In busy areas if people do not live in a state of grace demons harass people’s minds with irritation anger impulsive thoughts etc. Also if a person who lives a sinful life and doesn’t love Jesus is near someone who does the demons will encourage that person to form an irtitational anger or dislike for them . These thoughts lead people around also in busy high streets when they are shopping.
In the middle of November this year my wife and I spent time in Borough Market in central London. There is so much colourful distraction that pulls the mind and heart in different directions. In amongst all of this a poor homeless man sits on the street looking sad. We approached him, gave him some money and a rosary. He happened to be Catholic and floods of tears fell from his eyes. We could of cried with him. He said the money wasnt important to him but the rosary was.
From there we walked to the milenium bridge. I had an exorcism prayer book with me. My wife and I walked to the middle of the bridge and I said a powerful prayer. Outwardly it would appear that I was just reading from a regular book. Before the prayer began the bridge was packed with manic shoppers and tourists. Halfway thru the exorcism the bridge began to clear. I noticed it and my wife did too. It was quite miraculous to see .This proved that the thoughts of many people are occupied by demons. These demons guide people in chaotic ways. So you could say the ‘world of thought’and ‘beyond the veil’ are one and the same. This is partly true.
It was an ambitious prayer effort because the biteback was two weeks of depression and anger. Despite this risk I’m happy to battle. These bitebacks are scratches that heal over time.

A big thank you to my friend in America who donated the rosary that made this man’s heart smile.

Little Prophet October 2019

Book of Truth,, Catholic, Christmas,, Garanbandal, La Salette, media, My Sacred Shelter, Roe v Wade, Spritual torment, The Eucharist, The Holy Rosary, The Passion of Jesus,

Watch “Mike From COT Giant Black Storm Coming 12:13:22” on YouTube

Book of Truth,, Catholic, Christmas,, Garanbandal, La Salette, media, My Sacred Shelter, Prayers, Roe v Wade, Spiirual War,, Spritual torment, The Eucharist, The Holy Rosary, The Little Prophet Of Love, The Passion of Jesus,

Rosary beads attached since March 2017

Catholic, Christmas,, My Sacred Shelter, Prayers, The Eucharist, The Holy Rosary, The Little Prophet Of Love

Happy Christmas

In conversation with someone recently they asked me formally ‘ are you looking forward to Christmas’.I mentioned it would be nice to relax at home but I also said that most people ignore what Christmas really means . I tried to use a symbolic example for this person to understand. I said’ imagine if there was a big party held in your honour but for some reason you were forbidden to attend the celebrations and the organisers of the party made sure everyone never mentioned your name. On top of this the party goes ahead and everyone is having ‘fun’ This person had never thought of it that way.

Jesus is locked out from his own birthday celebrations. His name forbidden.


The Holy Rosary, the mist of sin and the 144,000.

Jesus has mentioned to us that London has much evil; that it is ‘pleasing to eviI’. Having discernment and wisdom I can almost see beyond the veil. I do sense more than see. When I walk around London I take in things like a spiritual sponge.

In London bookshops you’d be stretched to find a Bible for sale. Very visibly on display are books about Tarot and Witchcraft. The harry potter generation are now in their twenties. With the growth of young people dabbling in witchcraft neighbourhoods which were once peaceful may gradually become unsettled with accompanying problems like personality disorder ADHD and anti social behaviour. One way I’ve noticed in spotting these dark spirits is that they leave a feint fogginess in the atmosphere. The once crisp sharpness in the neighbourhood vanishes replaced with fogginess. This mist is even discernible in day time. Witchcraft is not the only contributing factor. A general turning away from Jesus is the problem.

 After mass today my wife and I approached the train station to make our way home. Outside there was a flower stall and we looked at some flowers. There was a man who was loitering around the station going in and out of stranger’s comfortability zone. He seemed like a person who would be empowered in creating a level of fear by doing so. It can sound judgemental of me but if you’ve lived in a city for many years you begin to know things by instinct.

We entered the train station and waited on the platform. This man stood away from us. Internally I was saying Hail Marys which created a semi-circle of approximately 15 feet before us. Not one commuter walked within this zone. This man stood on the edge of this area. A train came and he boarded then departed. After his train had departed people walked about normally filling up this semi circle area.

Jesus has told us that my wife and I have a procession of angels that go before us when we walk the streets. The unseen has much more of a battle between dark and light now. As in the case of this semi-circle a battle would be going on to keep dark spirits out of this area. These dark spirits whisper into the hearts of sinful souls…especially ones who are afflicted by numerous and many transgressions already. People like this could kill a stranger and have no remorse.

Since June 2021 I’ve noticed an increase in the power of the Holy Rosary. Evil has also increased. I could sit on a bench in a town square and say a rosary from the heart and it creates a parting of the sea affect. The Rosary (said especially from the heart) is a portal of light. Our Blessed Mother approaches us with her Angels once this prayer opens up. Birds will chirp less, evil gets flattened and things float by on a slower level. Once the rosary ends the everyday disturbing noise of outside resumes. Rosaries fight evil and Divine Mercies help Jesus save souls. In that sense these two prayers work so well together.

I hadn’t mentioned before because it’s a difficult one to say but since the feast of Corpus Christi in early June I have been receiving a calm sensation in the centre of my forehead when I pray. Sometimes my whole forehead lights up internally during prayer even into the eyes and sinuses. I get this sensation now at other times. I think it’s a way of Jesus confirming something; a grace.

We have been told we are part of the 144,000 but my wife doesn’t get this sensation. My guess (which I’m not sure if true) is that 144,000 are male and their wives and children become part of that number by proxy.