WhatsApp Prayer and Support Group

I was thinking how readers could also pray for and mutually support eachother . I was thinking of using Telegram but in this case WhatsApp would be better. I will also pray with you.

I made this group called simply ‘ ‘Prayer and support group’.

Please join:



Prayer and suffering for souls.

Early on in our mission Jesus said that he specifically needed me later on. Our Lady also repeated this.

Last week for two days my wife and I underwent a suffering . I can describe it as a mental suffering without it being psychiatric. Gloom but without depression or self hatred. Then I started saying many divine mercies which eased our suffering. I’m now praying more divine mercies than ever . Suffering is a prompting for me to pray now as prayer stops the suffering. It’s like a mechanism. During June of 2019 Jesus also said he would put people our way to pray for.

While out and about today I got off the bus and straight away got chatting to a man. There was no awkwardness, it was like I knew him. Amongst the chat of discussing how strange the world is getting he mentioned that he has leukaemia. I asked him if he prayed. He looked at me puzzled and said ‘no’. I told him I would pray for him then said goodbye.

Going home getting off the bus the same happened again a woman told me of her aneurysm. She also mentioned that she had just begun working in an old people’s home. She also said she didn’t care about the damage smoking was doing to her.

In the last month I’ve helped old people who have fallen over in the street or I’ve helped them get out of a taxi outside a hospital . I realise now what this all means.

I have heard it said that divine mercies are used for souls who have died or about to die to help their souls. I believe these people could very well pass soon. Jesus wanted me to pray for them so he could use that prayer for them.

Suffering and prayer is almost an unseen science. Jesus needs them for souls. Our valuable contribution in prayer is a big help for Jesus who more than anyone wants souls saved. He just needs some help with all our prayers.