Updated…Daily Zoom Crusade Prayers Meetings around the world – Father of Love and Mercy

Wherever you are in the world, there is a Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting that you can join! See below the complete list of Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meetings that you can join. To join a Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting, just click on the Zoom link.https://fatherofloveandmercy.wordpress.com/2021/05/03/daily-zoom-crusade-prayers-meetings-around-the-world/
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12 Year Anniversary Global Crusade of Prayer – Father of Love and Mercy

Happy 12th Year Anniversary of the Jesus to Mankind Mission!To celebrate, you are invited to a special Global Crusade Prayer Hour for the Protection of Christians All Over the World on November 9, 2022 at 9:00 pm Singapore time; 3:00pm CET; 8:00am Eastern Standard Time. Here’s the link to our anniversary crusade prayer session https://bit.ly/JTMGlobal12YearAnniversaryAs…
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The Remnant Newspaper – The Vatican’s 3rd Deal with the Devil

“Man’s schemes are inferior to those made by heaven.” ~Chinese Proverb No one rains on Chairman’s Xi Jinping’s reign. On October 22, 2022, at the CCP…
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Reminder – Advanced Spiritual Warfare – Protocols for Holding Prayer Group Meetings for Protection and Defense of the Holy Innocents (on Halloween, …

October 13, 2022(copy and paste from 2021 blog post) Blessings dearly beloved ones, I have created a downloadable document for Prayer Groups that …

Reminder – Advanced Spiritual Warfare – Protocols for Holding Prayer Group Meetings for Protection and Defense of the Holy Innocents (on Halloween, …
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Sisters of Carmel: Holy Souls Rememberance

Sisters of Carmel: Holy Souls Rememberance
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Global Crusade of Prayer Session

Dear prayer warrior, Ave Maria! Dear Crusade prayer warrior, You are invited to attend the Jesus to Mankind Global Crusade of Prayer Session on …

Global Crusade of Prayer Session
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24 October Messages – One of Many Jesus to Mankind Websites

My arrival will be sooner than you expect Monday, October 24th, 2011 @ 19:09 My dearly beloved daughter, you must not allow those who continue to question and pass judgment on My Most Holy Word to upset you. Ignore these interrogations. Remain silent. Pray for them and move on for there is not much time…
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Garabandal:Mari Loli about Communism from an interview with Fr Benac in 1978.


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How the enemy influences our feelings.

In a previous article called ‘ chatterbox spirit’ I discussed ways in which the enemy gains access to our feelings and emotions.

The usual pattern with depression starts with the repetitive dwelling of unforgiven hurtful experiences. This is the first stage. Once the enemy has gained access by repetition, grave feelings of self destruction start to occur.

Now I hardly ever listen to secular pop music. My time was the 1980s. Once the changes occurred in me by the Holy Spirit ,I began to see these things for what they are. Most themes focus on regret, loss, heartache and self obsession. These run contrary to the spirit. The pattern of the songs themselves are repetitive . Verse,chorus, verse, chorus with repeating key guitar riffs. A riff is also known as a ‘hook’. It’s a very revealing term. The free will God gives us starts to vanish…… Then these are repeatedly played by radio DJs. The mind is primed for repetition without realising. This also applies to Hollywood films. When I’m searching for a DVD to watch I never buy a film because all of the themes seem to be about death betrayal and adultery.

During the media coverage of covid the tactic used was repetition. To keep repeating covid topics from any angle until we lived and breathed the subject. Much of it was arbitrary radio babble. It’s just so ,that people’s minds were on that subject. Obviously they wanted us to be obsessed.

In 2020 alone UK gov spending exceeded £184 million on media coverage about the pandemic.

A UK government spokesperson mentioned : “Our campaign activity reaches an estimated 95% of adults on average 17 times per week at their peak and utilises a wide range of channels – including TV, radio and social – to ensure the public get the information they need to stay safe”. Safety indeed.

In all examples the way the enemy gains fearful control is by repetition whether that’s a pop song ,the beginnings of depressive thoughts or as a tactic by the state to gain control of the masses.

I’ve heard it said that Wicca is in control of pop music. This wouldn’t surprise me.No one habitually plays classical or taizie music. These songs do not ‘hook’ you .It’s because those types of music do not contain repetition.

When I was fifteen years old I wasn’t a believer but would listen to depressing indie music. Plus I wanted to listen to this and didn’t mind being ‘hooked’. Now If I indulge in tacky nostalgia im aware of the danger of getting hooked by a tune.

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