The Bandits are driving the bus.

Pentecost is about Jesus sending ‘the helper’ the Holy Spirit to his Apostles. The Holy Spirit is opposed to the world and the flesh. When the Holy Spirit acts in us we feel peace and we are able to tolerate our crosses. The Pentecost is not about the environment and social problems of the poor. An Archbishop recently made an unbearably tenuous link with Pentecost to promote eco politics and socialism just last weekend. The words ‘common home’ and ‘build back better’ were used in his pastoral letter. I thought I was listening to a speech by a left wing politician. It had as St Pauls says the appearance of holiness but empty inside. Modern day Pharisees of the church: Holy appearance on the outside but empty internally. This letter started well but the main theme is nothing to do with Jesus.

Now it has been very difficult for me to keep quiet about the problems in our church. At times I feel a slight fear in speaking out; but why should I, when I see such crazy nonsense being validated which is contrary to what Our Lord Jesus wants. The church wasn’t created to save lives in the flesh it was created to save souls and then all after falls into place. It wasn’t formed out of the blood of saints over many years to become a socialist charity which has co-opted the economic philosophy of communism and presented it as Christianity. It has been taken over to become the church of the Anti- Christ.

Many people skirt around this topic of Bergoglio being an anti-pope. Some priests have been excommunicated for suggesting such. I have asked Jesus if he is the false prophet and the last pope and Jesus gave us the reply: ‘Yes’.

He is the false prophet and his job is to destroy the traditions of the church and prepare it for the anti-Christ who he will work closely with. They are the beasts of Johns revelation. In my wife’s messages Jesus refers to Bergoglio as ‘an imposter’. He is cunning and deceptive. Inside he is different from how he appears externally.

 Priests who have lost the supernatural faith and want to make their life easier follow a new path. This route gives them easy power. Many in the church are afraid to speak out even as the plane is crashing.

Bergoglio communicates to his Cardinals to promote this eco nonsense by a hierarchal chain. Archbishops locate Bishops and Auxiliaries to groom parishes and find priests who want to get ahead and have this easy power. Priests and parishes are groomed by Bishops. I have witnessed this happen over the last 2-3 years. The aim is to control the minds of the parishners with this apolocyptic ecology. As Vigano said the church is ‘supranational’ Which gives it a universal reach.

 To suggest you want the Eucharist on the tongue would rouse an angry reaction from these bandits who now like to lecture to servile parishners who submit to this power. We must remember fear should not reside in Catholic Churches but we now have a new God of fear promoted . The light of the world dims since March 2020 because the Bread of Life is not being administered as it should be. The centre of the whole problem in every aspect is the attack on the Eucharist. The enemy knows if he can remove the Eucharist that he can create his crazy world empire through his AC son.

Since June 2020 this enemy has received power and it has influenced the minds of the world mainly through the media. People are behaving differently.

We need to pray Our Rosaries and St Michael Longforms.

God Bless

Litany Of Reparation To Our Lord In The Blessed Eucharist.

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us. Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.

God the Father of Heaven,
Have mercy on us.

God the Son, Redeemer of the world,
Have mercy on us.

God the Holy Spirit,
Have mercy on us.

Holy Trinity, One God,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, offered for the salvation of sinners, 
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, annihilated on the altar for us and by us,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, despised by lukewarm Christians,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, mark of contradiction,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, delivered over to Jews and heretics,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, insulted by blasphemers,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, Bread of angels, given to animals,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, flung into the mud and trampled underfoot,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, dishonored by unfaithful priests,
Have mercy on us.

Sacred Host, forgotten and abandoned in Thy churches,
Have mercy on us.

Be merciful unto us,
Pardon us, O Lord. 

Be merciful unto us,
Hear us, O Lord.

For the outrageous contempt of this most wonderful Sacrament,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For Thine extreme humiliation in Thine admirable Sacrament,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For all unworthy Communions,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the irreverences of wicked Christians,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the profanation of Thy sanctuaries,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the holy ciboriums dishonored and carried away by force,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the continual blasphemies of impious men, 
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the obduracy and treachery of heretics, 
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the unworthy conversations carried on in Thy holy temples,
We offer Thee our reparation.

For the profaners of Thy churches
which they have desecrated by their sacrileges,
We offer Thee our reparation.

That it may please Thee to increase in all Christians
the reverence due to this adorable Mystery, 
we beseech Thee, hear us.

That it may please Thee to manifest the Sacrament
of Thy Love to heretics, 
we beseech Thee, hear us.  

That it may please Thee to grant us 
the grace to atone for their hatred 
by our burning love for Thee,
we beseech Thee, hear us.

That it may please Thee 
that the insults of those who outrage Thee 
may rather be directed against ourselves,
we beseech Thee, hear us.

That it may please Thee graciously 
to receive this our humble reparation,
we beseech Thee, hear us.

That it may please Thee to make our adoration acceptable to Thee,
we beseech Thee, hear us.

Pure Host,
hear our prayer. 

Holy Host,
hear our prayer.

Immaculate Host,
hear our prayer.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Spare us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world,
Graciously hear us, O Lord.

Lamb of God, Who takest away the sins of the world, 
Have mercy on us.

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.

V. See, O Lord, our affliction,
R. And give glory to Thy Holy Name.

Let Us Pray.

O Lord Jesus Christ, 
Who dost deign to remain with us 
in Thy wonderful Sacrament to the end of the world, 
in order to give to Thy Father, 
by the memory of Thy Passion, eternal glory, 
and to give to us the Bread of life everlasting: 
Grant us the grace to mourn, 
with a heart full of sorrow, 
over the injuries which Thou hast received 
in this adorable Mystery, 
and over the many sacrileges
which are committed by the impious, 
by heretics and by bad Catholics.

Inflame us with an ardent zeal 
to repair all these insults to which, 
in Thine infinite mercy, 
Thou hast preferred to expose Thyself 
rather than deprive us of Thy Presence on our altars, 
Who with God the Father 
and the Holy Spirit 
livest and reignest one God, 
world without end.


Developing our love for God The Father during Lent.

One can only try with all ability to describe the presence of God. I feel God’s presence at mass during the blessing of the bread into The Eucharist. Also, at times when I’m at home praying together with my wife. When Gods presence is made known to me, I feel a breeze around me; light and pure but consisting of immense power. This breeze is of pure humility but also at the same time the greatest strength and power. I imagine when Jesus was on earth that others sensed this feeling around him as they were privileged to physically be in the presence of God. This wondrous presence I feel at first around my hands then it envelopes me. Once receiving the Eucharist Jesus settles into my heart resting his peace there. This peace and presence are always stronger in mass, if I have just previously had my soul cleaned in confession.
In Heaven we get to be before God the Father. Because of his humility his Son is shown to the earth but God the Father doesn’t physically appear on earth like Our Lady has over the last 2000 years. He is the creative source of love which doesn’t need to point to himself. It is just there waiting for us to embrace via his gift of loving free will. So, I could sum up Gods presence in two words: Power and Humility. This presence contains mystical knowledge not imparted by words.
Lent for me has for many years had a spiritual quality about it. Something is different in the air. Jesus wants us to point towards his suffering, his atonement paid for our sake. God the Father wants us to also realize the big sacrifice that this was to him.He gave us his only Son as a payment for our sins. As Sister Faustina said in the Divine Mercy ‘For the sake of his sorrowful passion’.
Through Jesus’s suffering this lent we can draw closer to the Father. For me this closeness has taken years to cultivate. At first it was easy to be in love with Jesus but I was just focused on Our Lord. Then in the last year Our Lady has been close to me in thoughts and words that come through my wife and in quick inner visions .I sense her smiling gentle concern which makes me think of her also with a smile. She is selfless and united in her sons suffering.
Only in the last few months have I felt more drawn to God the Father. The Father of us all. Jesus mentioned to my wife last year that ‘The Father is the most loving of all Fathers’. The enemy of his Son has tried so much to blot out the sanctity of Fatherhood. He knows it can lead to blocking out God the Father from our lives and hearts. The free will gift is then ignored as many don’t understand it. Then many perish.
I have had an inner locution of God the Father mentioned previously in another blog. He wanted to show me that he was present during all my trials but I never knew this. I can ask and beg for ‘this and that’ in request but that isn’t always what he wants to hear from me. He wanted me to know that he watches my life and feels sorrow when I feel sorrow. It was a loving Fatherly ‘telling off’. I received this vision once I had returned to my seat after receiving his sons broken body in the Eucharist. Our human limitations and impatience can characterize our relations with God. We want our pains and crosses to flee.Not realizing as Catholic’s that we pay in loving suffering for the sins of other souls who our lost in sin and don’t know Jesus. As Catholics we have received the full truth and with that comes responsibility.
With our lords suffering on good Friday, we can cry for Jesus’s suffering and unite our pains with him. This can lead us closer to God the Father who in great knowledge and love knew the immense suffering needed so that he would not lose us. Also, with many in the church talking about St Joseph this is now topical. Joseph’s path was to put himself last. To put himself in the background for the love of others. This I think is often the role of the Father on earth. His role is of sacrificial love.
This lent in our hearts and prayers visualize God the Father as the father of us all watching our lives and waiting for our prayers. He is everywhere but also in a sense in the background in the limited world we live in. Once we find him here on earth then later in heaven, we will live united to his will in peace and happiness.

The power of The Body and Blood.

When the World Health Organisation revealed that Coronavirus was a dangerous world pandemic we all waited to see how this would affect us. Some of us had media glimpses of Chinese authorities shutting down cities or dragging people from their houses who may have not been ‘compliant’. Also an app was developed to alert citizens if they were approaching people who had been infected. So very early on the blueprint about how to handle the virus was from China.

From March 20th onwards similar approaches were rolled out in Europe where high infections outside China began to surface mainly in Italy. Italy because of new year holiday visits from infected Chinese tourists.

Being a Catholic who likes to attend mass daily and receive the Eucharist on the tongue I was saddened that this fear had spread into the inside of churches. I was also alarmed at how quickly and readily the Catholic Church capitulated. No discussion just acquiescence. Cheap shops remained open but Churches shut. This capitulation seemed similar in style to the Vatican China agreement; the details of which are secret.

Transubstantiation is the Catholic dogma that when the priest blesses the bread and wine that the real presence of Jesus in body and blood has occurred. So then if one believes this dogma how can one believe that the Eucharist and Blood of Christ can be infected with a virus?

The new idea in the church now was to ‘ save lives’ rather than save souls’. For 1,900 years at every second of the day The Eucharist has been held up and distributed to souls who would be spiritually strengthened . This Bread Of Life for all this time post resurrection has kept the world in balance. It’s a supernatural light for the world. Now for the first time the light of the world is being dimmed .Now chaos fear and disorder is taking over.

In England post reformation the Catholics were forbidden from gathering for mass. If a priest was found performing mass he would be brutally executed. Brave French Catholic priest’s smuggled themselves into England and were hidden in people’s houses. Some were caught and executed. The point here is the brave commitment to feeding the sheep of Christ. Priests fully believed in The supernatural power and importance of the Eucharist and would risk their lives to carry out full priestly duties.

Now we have fearful churches with people herded to pews. We have priests now not giving out the Eucharist at all even by hand because people have become so afraid. This fear is a wolf in sheep’s clothing encouraging us to avoid each other under some altruistic pretence. People are losing their humanity by accepting evil as good.

Satan knows that eliminating the Eucharist will increase his power; albeit for a short time.

This proves that the only weapon against totalitarianism is The Eucharist administered properly.