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‘ Your family will flock towards you’. Jesus to The Little Prophet April 7th 2020.

While filming this message I didn’t at the time notice the cloud formation into the bird ( Holy Spirit) symbol. When the word ‘ flock’ was pronounced I angled the camera phone up to the sky without knowing why.

I know that prophetic words are like timed release words that aren’t always for the time they are released. April 7th this year falls on good Friday.

This video is edited because we experienced a demonic attack during the filming which I would not show anyone. I call it ‘ interference’.

During this message my wife is consoled because no matter how much I tried I couldn’t find work. There was a curse on my employment. Jesus said . Employment is different from finding a job. I then went on to get a job October 2021. In this job I suffered for 14 months. Jesus said in the message on this date that I will know that the job is ‘from Me’. I’ve since left this job and I’m having an interview for another one. The point is that I have a state of employment whereas before there was a block a curse. I get more promising reactions when I look for work.

When Jesus said ‘ you’re family will flock towards you’: my wife’s sibs are all more of the world and have money. I can sense the more you have the less you have in the way the world is going. Those who are the Gods of their own life and ignore Jesus will find the coming times traumatic.

As soon as the word ‘flock’ is said the impression of a bird shape is seen above The Rosary Tree.

This video is miraculous. It’s a gift to the world.

7th April 2020 7.29pm.
After the Divine Mercy Chaplet
While walking and praying in country side

Please be with Me. I want My children to honour Me as their Father.
Take this piece of My love and give this to the world.
I AM going to look after you, you will be safe.
Ask Me for this I will give you peace.
I do not speak like this to everyone pause and see that I work through children who love Me.
I AM next to you I AM with you, feel My presence, feel My presence walk with Me and feel Me.
Take My hand I AM here.
Child, I know you are concerned for the future, I can see this. You will be protected. You will be the one who will be the strong person at this time. Your family will flock towards you. I want you to stay pure child, do not do not succumb to the evil one, stay child in a state of grace.
I Jesus has spoken.
Ask and it shall be given. My child My Father in heaven is watching, I AM protecting you.
Ask child for whatever you want it will be given if it is for the good of your soul. I know, I know you have not been lucky with work. My son I AM in control and when it happens it will be from Me.
I AM filling you with My love. Ask.

In the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Spirit

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A dark syrup of evil drips over the world, covering it and blocking out the light of Jesus.

Today while walking around the supermarket I felt the need to get some items hurriedly and leave. Once I had gathered some food and left the store I was given a grace of smiling which I had on my face all the way home. This happens occasionally. Maybe I look crazy or weird to others who walk passed me.
I felt inner peace but as a man of spirit I sensed what is now behind the veil. I can’t see this but more feel this. I’m sure many Christians do now. The darkness behind the veil is all pervading. A dark syrup of evil drips over the world, covering it and blocking out the light of Jesus. As Jesus has said to us if it wasn’t for the love of his followers he would have switched the lights off.
I see such unhappiness and increased violence amongst young people towards eachother. Do humans any longer hope to find any kindness or humanity in eachother I wonder.
This is also manifested in Satan’s hurrying agenda to destroy people. To make them unlike what God created and masking that experience as some kind of emancipation.
Much prayer is needed. These evenings my wife and myself in our rosaries are praying to end: Abortion, Woke liberal cancel culture and any new repressive liberal agendas. We can target our prayers on specific issues. As easy it is for us to be weary about evil we can remember to pray that God removes these evils.


Watch “Pray the Rosary in Latin with Cardinal Burke (Sorrowful Mysteries)” on YouTube

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Happy Christmas

In conversation with someone recently they asked me formally ‘ are you looking forward to Christmas’.I mentioned it would be nice to relax at home but I also said that most people ignore what Christmas really means . I tried to use a symbolic example for this person to understand. I said’ imagine if there was a big party held in your honour but for some reason you were forbidden to attend the celebrations and the organisers of the party made sure everyone never mentioned your name. On top of this the party goes ahead and everyone is having ‘fun’ This person had never thought of it that way.

Jesus is locked out from his own birthday celebrations. His name forbidden.


The minimum amount of Divine Mercy Chaplets a day is 4…..

I was looking back at old messages of The Little Prophet and this excerpt struck me as important . I looked up the true meaning of the word ‘several’ and it means four or more. A ‘few’ of course would mean three.

I would say this applies to us all for praying a baseline minimum of 4 DMs a day.

10th September 2019


My love you are to pray my divine mercy several or more times a day. You are to receive me daily in the blessed sacrament, and you must go to confession every month. This child will be your path to my heavenly home…


Increasing Divine Mercy Prayers.

Jesus has in the past recommended to my wife that she says a minimum of 4 Divine Mercy Chaplets a day.

Over the last two weeks I have had the impulse to increase my Divine Mercies to at least ten a day. I say these for souls I encounter while out walking and also for Jesus’s purposes to use on souls he needs to reach.

I don’t receive the direct word of Jesus like my wife does but I fully believe Jesus works through my instinct and impulses as I know he does influence people’s thinking this way.

So there must be an important need to increase Divine Mercies and I fully recommend this applies to all Catholics at this time now. There is no limit with this prayer,the more DMs you say the better for The Salvation Of Souls.