The minimum amount of Divine Mercy Chaplets a day is 4…..

I was looking back at old messages of The Little Prophet and this excerpt struck me as important . I looked up the true meaning of the word ‘several’ and it means four or more. A ‘few’ of course would mean three.

I would say this applies to us all for praying a baseline minimum of 4 DMs a day.

10th September 2019


My love you are to pray my divine mercy several or more times a day. You are to receive me daily in the blessed sacrament, and you must go to confession every month. This child will be your path to my heavenly home…


Increasing Divine Mercy Prayers.

Jesus has in the past recommended to my wife that she says a minimum of 4 Divine Mercy Chaplets a day.

Over the last two weeks I have had the impulse to increase my Divine Mercies to at least ten a day. I say these for souls I encounter while out walking and also for Jesus’s purposes to use on souls he needs to reach.

I don’t receive the direct word of Jesus like my wife does but I fully believe Jesus works through my instinct and impulses as I know he does influence people’s thinking this way.

So there must be an important need to increase Divine Mercies and I fully recommend this applies to all Catholics at this time now. There is no limit with this prayer,the more DMs you say the better for The Salvation Of Souls.