Christina Gallagher message: May 14th 2022.

Our Lady spoke to Christina;
My daughter, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is the beginning of the third world war which will eventually involve Russia, China and America and many other countries throughout the world. At first it will not be nuclear but will become nuclear and Russia will spread her errors throughout the world as I foretold at Fatima. If only the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart had been made as I had requested but there were even those groomed to infiltrate My Son’s Church and create resistance to such things.

The illnesses foretold to you in this Mission have already begun. What you have seen of the man-made virus spreading throughout your world is only the first of a multitude of others still to come. They will be too numerous and rapidly-spreading to investigate or find remedies. Yet there was a man in authority who united with others to do everything possible to destroy this Mission and lead people into blindness and deafness regarding its importance but when he will be called to account before the justice of the Lord, he will have much to endure.

What is coming to the world is a lot more suffering, illness, hunger and a take-over of your very person and eventually, when all this occurs, the Hand of My Son will come over the world with horrendous fire falling from the heavens taking place. Many will die throughout the world. I had told you, My daughter, how the birds of the air and wild animals would feed on the bodies lying upon the earth and how the stench of human flesh would carry for miles upon the wind. Now it is taking place in Ukraine but what you see happening in Ukraine will also occur in other places as diseases and disasters spread and the earth is forever disfigured and unrecognisable. Only when all this takes place will the illumination of conscience happen and eventually the return of My Divine Son.

My Son is being denied His place in His Church. He is cast out. Antichrist is already influencing what is to be done and making ready to take the seat of Peter. Among those within, with the authority leading to the very top, the corruption is indescribable. I told you all those things, My little daughter, many years ago but to no avail. People were listening at first but then they began to be influenced by an authority which only wanted to destroy this Work and Mission and yes, they accomplished their plan abundantly!

You have suffered so much, it even grieves My Heart. I was not meant to speak any further messages but My Heart aches for the suffering I have seen you endure – all at the hands of the evil in human nature. My little one, in what you have endured – for those who helped you, and all who took part in attending to your needs I, your Mother and Mother of Jesus, I have gone to the Heart of My Son which is forever open and I have drawn upon every such person the graces and the pardons for their many wrongs. I will plead for their mercy always but as for those who found excuses to refuse to help you in this illness so as to leave you in the world to help guide it, I will take from them all that God gave in His great mercy and gift and they will have nothing. No-one realises or accepts the reality of what God has called you to. You are not important for your own sake but only because you were chosen to convey God’s message. Your endurance was never meant to be in this way. You were meant to endure – yes, suffering but not of this magnitude but God will multiply it many times for souls and one day, in Heaven, you and those who helped this Mission and especially helped you in the different ways that you needed, will be glorified by My Son Jesus. Those who took from you or would not respond to help you, they will have much to lament. Do not be afraid of what you see taking place through the many illnesses that will be brought upon the world – one by one, two by two, multiplying all the time to take life, in union with the third world war and all the unrest and hatred in the hearts of men. Mankind has turned in such surrender to the evil one. How horrendous to the Heart of My Son is the depravity of those who kill their little children in the womb through abortion. They will have much to lament.

My child, it is on account of the grievance of My Immaculate Heart for the enormity of your endurance that My Son Jesus, who communicates with you now, on this one occasion grants Me to intervene especially owing to those who want to take from the reality of your endurance and, by doing so, draw other hearts to react and respond like their own hearts – cold and empty. They, too, will endure their just reward.

Now My dear child, I bless you in abundance and I receive all- every endurance and suffering that you have undergone. I receive everything from the person with a closed heart to the person who has an open heart and responds and My Son’s Heart, which is always open, will receive all. You have been left in a desolation of darkness, only that so much more can be drawn from you on account of your having already endured so much but I promise you, My daughter, you will be welcomed with such joy in your Heavenly home when that time comes but I tell you accept and offer everything – those who hurt you, those who deny you, those who show you no love or lack of compassion -just offer without asking why – offer it for the many souls who are now dying in Ukraine but the Americas will have much to suffer as will many other parts of the world. The preparation for war with America has begun. It is only a short time away. Many leaders in the world have a hatred for America and they are already engaged in planning what they will do to her.

I have interceded with My Divine Son regarding the House of Prayer in Texas. It is causing such pain to My Heart that there was not even one genuine, openhearted person willing to come there to save themselves and others from all the horror that is about to befall the world. It saddens My Heart because the protection I had obtained from God through such Houses is more needed for America than elsewhere. It grieves My Heart because many will be lost. My child, do not worry about those things. It is not your fault and around you there are many angels who will continue to be around you but the darkened spirits from hell surround you too because they want to destroy you so that you will not have the courage or strength to endure and continue. I am giving you the grace and help necessary and I am sending to you the hearts of My children – those that are opened to the graces I give, to help and respond in the light of the Spirit of God but those who won’t receive the light and Spirit of God in their closed hearts – when they come before God they will lament and even before they come before God they will lament.

So, My dear child, I wrap you in My Mantle, I keep the holy angels around you. Fear not because I am with you: My gaze is always upon you and the houses you ever enter or the people upon whom you will ever invoke a blessing will be forever blessed through My Motherly Heart and through the Heart of My Divine Son, Jesus. I bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Three days of prayer for the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. Mass intentions Cardinal Burke. Catholic action for faith and family.


Image Of Jesus in the Sun March 2019.

Messages from The Green Scapular June 2022

Apostolate of the Green Scapular http://www.greenscapular.org
2022 Heavenly Messages as given to Anna Marie, an Apostle of the Green Scapular
JUNE 14, 2022, TUESDAY @ 9:30 P.M.
Anna Marie: My Lord, I hear you calling me. My Lord, are you Father, Son or Holy Spirit? Jesus: My dear little one, it is I, your Divine Savior, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.
Anna Marie: Dear Jesus, may I ask please? Will you bow down and adore your Holy Eternal Merciful Father who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visible and invisible?
Jesus: Yes my dear one, I your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth, will now and will always bow down and adore my Holy Eternal Merciful Father, who is the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of all life, of all that is visi- ble and invisible.
Anna Marie: Please speak my dear Lord, for your sinful servant is now listening.
Jesus: Mybelovedone,IhavecometospeakonwhatmyApostlescandoinpreparationofthewarand famine before it begins. First, place four blessed Green Scapulars in the four corners of your home. If you have two floors, place them on the second level in the four corners of your home.
Jesus: Next, place the canisters with medals in the four corners of your land and put the Crucifixes over your door ways. The Home Protection Kit will have all the necessary items and prayer in order for you to do so. If you use or make your own, you can still use the prayer which is to be said at each corner of your yard or land. Make sure you have all medals and Crucifixes blessed before installing them.
Jesus: Next, pray your Rosary daily and your Chaplet of Mercy too. In doing so, you will build a foundation of prayer that will turn into a regular routine. Attend daily Holy Mass if possible, in this way you will be strengthened for the days of sorrows which are soon to be here. Pray and pray more.
Jesus: Ask me what items you need to purchase or prepare before the great days of Chastisement. I will cer- tainly guide you to obtain, make or purchase. I love you all, my beloved children, and I WILL for each of you to live through the “Great Days of Sorrows”. Do not be worried or afraid. Am I not your Divine Savior? I will save you, my dearest little ones. Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and it will be opened unto you.
Jesus: I know and can see the great darkness that covers all countries now. My enemy and yours is and has been preparing an army of wicked spirits (and persons). Do not be afraid, I have already won the battle with him and he is now seducing anyone who does not love me and does not keep the holy Commandments of our Holy Eternal Father; my Father and yours.
Jesus: I see also my Church, I see the darkness that now covers the Vatican and the one leading it has re- fused to serve my Father. He will be judged and answer to all his crimes. I have told to you before, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, I shall repay”. Your mission is to pray for those who require conversion now; and mine is to worry about how to work around or lead my beloved children away from their traps. The devil has and will continue to set up to destroy the faith of my Church, which is you my beloved ones.
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Apostolate of the Green Scapular http://www.greenscapular.org
2022 Heavenly Messages as given to Anna Marie, an Apostle of the Green Scapular
JUNE 14, 2022, TUESDAY @ 9:30 P.M. (Continue)
Jesus: Do not allow evil to take your peace away but rejoice in my love and protection for you and your fami- lies. Soon after the war, I will return, but that date is only known by my Father in Heaven. So for now, keep a watchful eye on matters in your country and pray daily for your country.
Anna Marie: Yes dear Jesus.
Jesus: Pray also for your state, province, city and household. I love you my dear ones. I love you and hear all your prayers, I see your tears and I mend your broken hearts with my holy divine grace. Your Divine Savior, Jesus of Nazareth.
Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus for coming and speaking to me tonight.
Jesus: Dear one,
Anna Marie: Yes Jesus.
Jesus: Please ensure this message is posted before 12:00 p.m. tomorrow.
Anna Marie: Yes dear Jesus, I will. Dear Jesus, all Apostles around the world love you.
Jesus: Yes, they have helped mitigate many threats of destruction from evil dictators and persons. My Apos- tles will be greatly rewarded in heaven by my Eternal Father and my Heavenly Mother. The glories they will receive in Heaven will be beyond their human understanding because of their great love and prayers.
Anna Marie: Thank you Jesus! We are unworthy, my holy Lord. Thank you so much!
If you have not yet ordered your “FREE” blessed Green Scapular Kit containing 14 blessed Green Scapulars, you can do so by visiting our website at: http://www.greenscapular.org and clicking on the “Contact” webpage. We send a “free” blessed Green Scapular Kit (14 blessed Green Scapulars and a Brochure) to a person, per address, per year.
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The Devotion of The Precious Blood and messages of Barnabas Nwoye. 🇳🇪.

Im sure many of you know this devotion and have been saying the chaplet of the precious blood. I bought this book a year ago and it is a regular part of my prayer life. I have also had some prayers translated and printed into Latin which I pray at home or on the bus on the way to work.

About a month ago we found a 12 beaded rosary left at church. We didn’t think anything of it. Then soon after a huge framed picture was left at the back of church. The same image featured here. We brought this home and placed it on our altar. The coincidences were too strong so now my wife is saying the chaplet of the precious blood. It’s been a calling to follow these prayers. Jesus now must be specially calling us all Catholics to follow this devotion.

Please pray also for the 50 souls killed at Catholic mass very recently in Nigeria.



Cardinal Burke asks us to make a pilgrimage in June – highlights of homily from Operation Storm Heaven Holy Mass June 1, 2022

From Catholic Action for Faith and Family:

Early this morning, from the Shrine Church, at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Cardinal Burke, in his homily, touched upon the month of June being dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Cardinal Burke said: “Jesus, after his death on the cross, He permitted His Heart to be opened by the soldiers, which came, by the lance, an outpouring of blood and water to signify the grace of the Holy Spirit, that He would pour forth into our hearts unceasingly, from his glorious pierced heart, seated at the right hand of God the Father in heaven.”

One of the significant points that resonated with viewers in the homily concerned this time of great confusion and turmoil in the world. Speaking of what the Church is experiencing during this time, His Eminence said, “indeed in the Church itself, a great wandering away from the truth. “We pray for the purification of hearts, for the purification of a wordily way of thinking which has entered into even the mind and hearts of the members of the Church and even of her shepherds,” said Cardinal Burke.  

His Eminence encouraged the faithful to make a sacred pilgrimage in the month of June. He welcomed all to pray at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, that he founded, in La Crosse, Wisconsin especially during June which is simply beautiful this time of year. Click here to view the Shrine’s website. 

Here is the link to view the Holy Mass, which includes Cardinal Burke’s homily, which begins at 59.0.

May the Holy Heart of Jesus, fountain of all blessings, assist you and your loved ones with every temporal need. 

Yours in Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,


The rejection of love.

During Jesus’s time other prophets went throughout the Holy Land proclaiming this and that. Many were seen drawing crowds based on the apocalyptic and sensational insights they believed came from God. Therefore, Jesus had to find his way amongst this and proclaim his love. His kingdom was based on his love. He is love itself. Others shouted louder spouting sensational so called prophecy. Others would proclaim the messiah is coming and that Israel would be free from roman rule. Some would proclaim to be Messiahs themselves and say that they would lead others in a battle against the Romans.

Our Poor Lord would use parables and talk about his love. His love was rejected despite the wonder of his miracles. Somehow people didn’t want his love they didn’t want to know how much his heart burnt in love for them. They probably couldn’t understand it as they thought the messiah was to be a macho leader a political leader. In the bible Jesus actually mentions how genuine Prophets will be less heard and rejected.

Jesus is patient gentle and calm he isn’t an inciter of mobs. His love runs counter to our earthly understanding. What is revered in Heaven is usually rejected on earth. His display of miracles was probably necessary to bring people to him so that he could deliver his words. Privileged people would have seen his gentle demeanour and observe his love by the way he spoke to them. Love emanated from him. Those in defiant sin could not sit with this and would look away. Those wanting to change and feel his love would have been transformed by his presence as the apostles were. His words are life the words that created life. It must have been a wonderful experience. I have witnessed this myself when Jesus speaks through my wife. Its transformative to watch as Jesus takes over and slowly talks in gentle kindness. He is always a gentleman.

Any genuine Prophet of Jesus will usually face rejection ridicule or just be forgotten. People will not want to know about the truth of his love because it can cause upset to those who live for money or the respect of other humans. That Mirror of truth being love. The Fatima and Garanbandal children, Padre Pio and Bernadette all went through rejection; sadly, in some cases by the Catholic church itself. My wife and I also face situations when people cannot make direct eye contact with us. Jesus has placed his love in our hearts which is wonderful and at times upsetting because of the amount of sin we see around us in the world. I said in confession today I struggle because I have a dose of Jesus’ love in my heart.  We are far from perfect and at times feel unworthy.

Jesus told my wife that her messages will be ‘put down’ as he was while on earth. I observe sometimes how many people read certain articles on my website. I have also published words from Jesus on this website.  Jesus words are less read than my own ramblings. For me this is so sad. My wife is named ‘Little prophet of Love’ her prophetic ability isn’t about telling the future that’s not her mission. Her words are to draw people back to Jesus. The words give people a different understanding of Jesus’s love and his suffering at being rejected which he suffers now.

She is a prophet of love. Jesus has an immense love for her as he does all of us. The person we all avoid in the street who looks strange and scary is loved with a burning endearment by Jesus. Our limitations are always around us in sin which torment each of us. Jesus of course sees this difficulty. Our only option is to surrender to him not the torment of controlling things ourselves. We are all dearly loved with a passion from the heart of Jesus.

Message 29th May 2019


I AM glad you have come; I want to tell you why I have chosen you to take My words. Now we may begin. The reason I come to you like this is because you are so humble, you are a child. I do not want you to be contaminated by this world. I’m willing to go at a slow pace. I have been watching you for years. You can be trusted, write this child: My love for you is so special, oh My love, My dear little child.




Jesus is in tears tonight….

Angelic Protection Prayer.

One Glorious Mystery Rosary

During the second Divine Mercy…..


Our Lord Jesus interrupted:

My wife’s body formed into the crucifix shape. Her hand in the trinity sign. When my wife first received messages in May 2019 her body would involuntarily form into the crucifix shape.


I am with you My child. You are mine.

I AM Jesus. I thank you.

I love you both so much.

You must keep My love within you.

I AM always in your heart.

Please ask Me when you need Me.

I will always come to you.

Child……..(tears.. my wife’s face reddened with tears…I cried also at Jesus’s sadness


Satan: pointed at husband 

I am not here for your purpose’ ( pointing at husband)…nasty guttural voice much like a wicked old man sound pointing his finger with anger. His mouth gestured angrily and menacingly.


During interference from the enemy husband held Cross of St Benedict and asked Jesus to help and said ‘Immaculate heart of Mary unite our hearts with yours’. I also said Hail Marys in repetition.

He went quite quickly. Usually I feel my heart quicken in fear when he manifests but I didn’t this time. He would like to ruin my wife and hates me helping my wife as I am her spiritual director.

Jesus said that when we first received the messages we will feel times of torment as the enemy will want us to feel bad. Jesus wants us to be at peace. The enemy does not want my wife to receive messages. 


A glimpse of Hell.

On Monday the 8th of November I said four divine mercies while I was resting in bed before sleep. In the past I have said 4 divine mercies and from this a vision or a dream has occurred. The 4 DMs seem to be a spiritual portal or doorway. Jesus has in the past allowed me to see glimpses of heaven and purgatory. During the night I was shown a glimpse of Hell. It was a dream or inner vision but it happened and ended quickly.


I had seen Hell as a child. Jesus had locked that memory in my life for later to show me where I could have ended up if I had not turned to him and moved away from a sinful life. This was revealed to me via my wife by Jesus as being the reason for this experience.My childhood perception was of seeing my whole family falling into a swirling volcanic mess.

On Monday I was given another glimpse. I have an old friend who passed away some years ago. By all accounts a nice man who was liked by everyone. He was given many things in life and was a Catholic like me.  There is more to this story but I have to be conscious of his family. Its highly unlikely his children will ever read about this. Our Blessed Mother said’ write with love’ back in 2019.

Jesus reads the heart in judgement. Jesus told us people send themselves there. People reject Jesus bitterly during judgement blaming Our Lord for everything. I believe this happened with him.


On Monday I saw a fiery Martian backdrop and a cliff about 30 metres in front of me with a chasm down the middle. On each side of the cliff were buses heading towards a gap in the middle. Inevitably these two buses were to fall off the gap into the valley. Bones laid strewn on the floor just below the cliff.  I didn’t see my friend but heard him and I was either viewing what he was seeing or standing next to him. My friend was looking up at the cliff. He was crying fearfully as he knew he would be next to go in the bus. I didn’t see him. I heard screaming in the distance of a variety of people and I heard the moans of my friend near me. His London accent I remember and the sorrowful sound of him saying ‘No no’. I woke up in the night and said to my wife’ help me’. He is someone I knew, who I loved and he has gone. I still feel sad that he has perished.

In Hell I was aware of the psychological horror, the loneliness, the sadism of demons and the absence of God. It was a feeling of emptiness; that your time is over because you had your chance on earth. I know Jesus feels sorrow for souls who go there. If I feel sad for my friend, its much worse for Jesus.

 It’s a place to avoid and I was left with that feeling that others have who have seen Hell.

You wouldn’t wish the place on anyone.