The Holy Rosary, the mist of sin and the 144,000.

Jesus has mentioned to us that London has much evil; that it is ‘pleasing to eviI’. Having discernment and wisdom I can almost see beyond the veil. I do sense more than see. When I walk around London I take in things like a spiritual sponge.

In London bookshops you’d be stretched to find a Bible for sale. Very visibly on display are books about Tarot and Witchcraft. The harry potter generation are now in their twenties. With the growth of young people dabbling in witchcraft neighbourhoods which were once peaceful may gradually become unsettled with accompanying problems like personality disorder ADHD and anti social behaviour. One way I’ve noticed in spotting these dark spirits is that they leave a feint fogginess in the atmosphere. The once crisp sharpness in the neighbourhood vanishes replaced with fogginess. This mist is even discernible in day time. Witchcraft is not the only contributing factor. A general turning away from Jesus is the problem.

 After mass today my wife and I approached the train station to make our way home. Outside there was a flower stall and we looked at some flowers. There was a man who was loitering around the station going in and out of stranger’s comfortability zone. He seemed like a person who would be empowered in creating a level of fear by doing so. It can sound judgemental of me but if you’ve lived in a city for many years you begin to know things by instinct.

We entered the train station and waited on the platform. This man stood away from us. Internally I was saying Hail Marys which created a semi-circle of approximately 15 feet before us. Not one commuter walked within this zone. This man stood on the edge of this area. A train came and he boarded then departed. After his train had departed people walked about normally filling up this semi circle area.

Jesus has told us that my wife and I have a procession of angels that go before us when we walk the streets. The unseen has much more of a battle between dark and light now. As in the case of this semi-circle a battle would be going on to keep dark spirits out of this area. These dark spirits whisper into the hearts of sinful souls…especially ones who are afflicted by numerous and many transgressions already. People like this could kill a stranger and have no remorse.

Since June 2021 I’ve noticed an increase in the power of the Holy Rosary. Evil has also increased. I could sit on a bench in a town square and say a rosary from the heart and it creates a parting of the sea affect. The Rosary (said especially from the heart) is a portal of light. Our Blessed Mother approaches us with her Angels once this prayer opens up. Birds will chirp less, evil gets flattened and things float by on a slower level. Once the rosary ends the everyday disturbing noise of outside resumes. Rosaries fight evil and Divine Mercies help Jesus save souls. In that sense these two prayers work so well together.

I hadn’t mentioned before because it’s a difficult one to say but since the feast of Corpus Christi in early June I have been receiving a calm sensation in the centre of my forehead when I pray. Sometimes my whole forehead lights up internally during prayer even into the eyes and sinuses. I get this sensation now at other times. I think it’s a way of Jesus confirming something; a grace.

We have been told we are part of the 144,000 but my wife doesn’t get this sensation. My guess (which I’m not sure if true) is that 144,000 are male and their wives and children become part of that number by proxy.