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A Morning Offering-The Prevenient Act

This prayer by Luisa Piccarreta moved me to tears as I’m sure it will you. Recommended by a friend…thank you !

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Catherine Emmerich: Life Of Jesus Volume 4. The meaning of a ‘Portico’.

Yesterday I bought the fourth volume of the life of Jesus by Catherine Emmerich. It’s very vivid in its description in the days leading up to the paschal gathering and The Passion of Jesus. One word that stuck out was ‘Portico’. Emmerich mentioned that Jesus often preached from within a Portico. Admittedly I did not know what this meant so I looked it up. Portico is a particular type of architecture used in ancient times and is still used today. The inner perimeter of the second temple was lined with Porticos on either side of the Sanctuary.

When one receives a vision you can see things that you find hard to describe. It takes time for the image you see to be unpacked in your mind. Over time knowledge comes that gives the vision more meaning. During lent of 2021 I was given a quick glimpse into the mocking of Jesus. Jesus’s body was weak bloodied and defenceless. Our Lord was held was held aloft in a ‘mock parading of a king’. When a governor or ruler went from place to place he would be held aloft on a royal chair. These roman soldiers were mocking in this way. About five soldiers held Jesus up over their shoulders. They held him up just outside the portico and carried him inside to then throw his body against the wall.

Ill attach a link about earlier writings from March 2021

Book of Truth,, Catholic, La Salette, Prayers, Roe v Wade, Spritual torment, The Eucharist


My very dear Father,

On Friday morning while I was still in bed, Jesus appeared to me. He was in a sorry state and quite disfigured. He showed me a great multitude of priests, regular and secular, among whom were several high ecclesiastical dignitaries. Some were celebrating Mass, while others were vesting or taking off the sacred vestments.

The sight of Jesus in distress was very painful to me, so I asked Him why He was suffering so much. There was no reply, but His gaze turned on those priests. Shortly afterwards, as if terrified and weary of looking at them, He withdrew His gaze. Then He raised His eyes and looked at me and to my great horror I observed two tears coursing down His cheeks. He drew back from that crowd of priests with an expression of great disgust on His Face and cried out: “BUTCHERS!” Then turning to me He said: “My son, do not think that My agony lasted three hours. No, on account of the souls who have received most from me, I shall be in agony until the end of the world. During my agony, my son, nobody should sleep. My soul goes in search of a drop of human compassion but alas, I am left alone beneath the weight of indifference. The ingratitude and the sleep of my ministers makes my agony all the more grievous.

“Alias, how little they correspond to my love! What afflicts me most is that they add contempt and unbelief to their indifference. Many times I have been on the point of annihilating them, had I not been held back by the Angels and by souls who are filled with love for me. Write to your (spiritual) father and tell him what you have seen and heard from me this morning. Tell him to show your letter to Father Provincial…”

These words were taken from the book entitled: “Padre Pio of Pietrelcina Letters 1” , letter number 124.

Spritual torment

Words from Little Prophet about the brown Scapular plus Father Ripperger.

For years now I’ve worn the brown Scapular on and off. Every time I wear the Scapular circumstances become very stressful troublesome and people seek argument with me more than usual. This period is bearable for two weeks.

Before returning to church I was on a definite road to Hell. So wearing the Scapular is two fingers up to the enemy who sends such circumstances back in revenge.

25th June 2019

When Chris wears brown scapular does he get attacked?

Jesus :Yes.

Chris ‘ can I wear again?’

Jesus ‘ I will give him the strength to wear it

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John Paul II appears to cloistered Nun.

St. John Paul II appears and delivers message to cloistered nun in her cell

The following is a testimony written in Spanish from a religious sister named Benedicta of the Cross from an undisclosed cloistered convent (to avoid persecution). The testimony was sent to and published by a Catholic Journalist from Spain named Arturo in his channel “Oración, Formación y Acción Católica” Original link in Spanish here.

[Eric’s translation]

October 7, 2021. 11:35 am, In my cell.

I was in my cell, it was 11:35 am, was praying the holy rosary and pleaded to God, today, that by the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, She may intercede for Our Church which is so divided, as she sees herself so shaken by tempestuous storms. I thought about the missionaries and how difficult it is for them, in these times, to propagate and defend christian faith and morality. I thought about the ruptures among the families, the loss of the christian values. I thought about the priests and in the confusion that is in them… in the sacred Eucharist so affected by the many abuses, sacrileges and heresies, finally. So many necessities came to mind, so I pleaded God and the Most Holy Virgin for all these necessities. I felt much distress in my heart.

I was praying in the third decate of the rosary when before me appeared Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. I was surprised to see him. He was standing and radiant with splendor. He was quite rejuvenated, as in the early years of his pontificate. He was dressed all in white like a Pope and wore on top a reddish-purple mantle which shone extraordinarily. On his chest he carried a very beautiful crucifix of emeralds and gold. He held, in his right hand, a rosary made of pearls which shone beautifully. And in the other hand he carried a beautiful a very green olive palm. When he appeared, I remained silent and observed him. I took advantage, grabbing a pen and paper. He was praying the rosary while looking at me and made a gesture. I understood that he wanted me to continue praying the rosary with him and so I did. He counted the beads with his rosary and at the end said: “Let us pray for the unity of the Church, for families, for the propagation of the Faith and the defense of the Eucharist”. [these were Sister Benedicta’s intentions mentioned above]. We prayed an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Gloria Patri. The rosary we prayed in latin.

We finished praying the rosary and immediately I asked him: “Holy Father, may I ask you a few questions and write them? He replied “Yes, you can and must”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, why have we prayed the rosary in latin?” AHe said: “Because it is the universal language of the Church”. Then I said: ‘Holy Father, I am so glad to see you in such glorious manner”. And he responded: “After having passed a brief period between purging fire, I now enjoy the beatific vision of the Holy and Undivided Trinity. I then said “Holy Father. why have you a palm in your hand?”. He replied: “To be Vicar of Christ includes resembling His Lord in all respects, even until having reached martyrdom.” I said to him “Holy Father, pardon my question, but, what was the reason for having passed through purgatory if they canonized your Holiness almost immediately? He responded to me: “Daughter, the Church is holy because Her Head is Holy, not her members. Above all, The Vicar of Christ on earth is “man” and as “man” he errs because he is a sinner. I, in my condition as Vicar of Christ on earth, committed various errors; some obliged by the circumstances. Here in eternity, everything is paid. And it is judged unto us with great severity, the flock entrusted to our care and of every soul we are held accountable.” Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, can you tell me what your salvation was owed to?” He said to me: “It was due to the abandonment that I made of myself to God and to the Mother of Our Lord to whom I always asked for help and direction by means of the holy rosary. It was She whom at the end of my earthly life defended me from the wiles of the evil one whom prowled about me. She saved my soul from condemnation” Sister Benedicta: “But Holy Father, why do you speak of condemnation if your pontificate was good?” He said to me: “Nobody knows the scales in eternity but those of us who have already come here and those to whom Our Lord pleases to reveal it to. The mercy of God, which is infinite, is counted on while on earth, but in eternity all must pass through God’s Justice. And She (God’s Justice) is implacable”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, what is happening in the Church? Why so much confusion?” He responded to me: “The Church is living The Passion of Christ and as the bride must imitate the husband, until their full consummation. She must pass through fire and be purified until becoming holy and free of rust. Everything is in God’s plan and that is how it is written that it should happen. Humanity has not desired to listen to the voice of Her Lord and now the time of the harvest has arrived. The harvest is ripe and the harvesters are willing to fulfill their work. The Militant Church must be one with the Triumphant Church, but before then, must pass through the purification because She has strayed from the true path which is Christ and pursues a spirit that does not come from God.”

Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, is Benedict XVI still Pope?” He replied: “Yes”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, then who is pope francis?” He responded: “Humanity has freely chosen its own scourge of purification and God has allowed it to be. With it, they are fulfilling The Scriptures”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, may I asked you one last question?” He responded to me: “Yes”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, what must we do?? He said to me: “Continue praying the holy rosary. Listen to God’s voice and fulfill his commandments as well as the law which he has left you. The victory has been granted but this purification is necessary. Do not lose the Faith”. Sister Benedicta: “He blessed me in this manner: “I bless you daughter and bless the whole Church”. He then traced a cross, longly and very slowly, and dissappeared.”

Spritual torment

Jesus to The Little Prophet: ‘You are being tormented’

Recently again we’ve had strange occurrences at night much like in January. My wife’s ankles are grabbed at night.

We know from Jesus that we are protected body and soul but the enemy can torment the mind.