For these tough times. Feb 13th 2021.

I think there are many Catholics being tested now. In our homes, outside our homes. I walk outside the door and people call me names like they have become lockdown goblins doing the devils work. We can take back authority but speak it out in prayer.

In your prayers in between your rosaries and divine mercies say ‘ I speak and declare authority over my life in the name of Jesus’. 

God Bless 

The Tree and The Rosary. Feb 9th 2021.

June 25th 2019

Chris Q1 What is special about the tree we pray near?

Jesus: It is special because many prayers have been recited at that spot.

Chris: From us and other people?

Jesus : From you.

Chris : Will these prayers benefit this area?

Jesus: It will bring peace to that area.

Chris: For many years?

Jesus: Yes

Chris: Will the rosary beads stay there?

Jesus: Yes, though they are camouflaged I will make sure they stay there.

Chris: Thank you Jesus.

My wife and I lived near this area where this tree is situated from 2014-2017. We had to leave the area for two years. Before we left in March 2017 we placed a new set of white rosary beads and miraculous medal around a branch on this tree. I guess it was a little sentimental. We put the rosary beads and tree out of our minds until we moved back to the area in January 2019.

Today while out in the snow I took a picture of the beads. They looked camouflaged and I’m sure no one can see them despite them being there. It’s a nice story as so many Rosaries have been said in different seasons at that spot throughout the years.

Sunshine and prayer..Feb 8th 2021.

I’ve heard that it’s an old Jewish tradition dating back BC that if the sun comes out during prayer that God is happy with you. Occasionally the sun shines during 3pm Divine Mercy Prayers.

Lockdown Television and Jesus: February 1st 2021.

Watching television in the evening a variety of celebrities chatter away about how they cope with the lockdown. They talk about everything. They talk mainly about themselves. They never mention Jesus.

About ten years ago I tried to be an actor. Although I was semi delusional I gained an understanding of the mentality of an actor. An actor feels and seeks ‘love’ from an audience; it’s a synthetic experience.It can be a self made trap because self obsession becomes unavoidable. The face and attributes of the actor are self obsessed about until they get higher levels of adulation . This is the reason why taking drugs is very common for actors and pop stars. Self idolatry also can contribute to distracting souls away from God.

Being in this situation of lockdown that most of us find ourselves in,some of us may realise that our lives are much more stripped down. That material things are now struggling to gratify us like before. Jesus is obviously trying to minimise our lives so that we face what is actually important.What is the result of this? The worse it gets with loneliness and depression during lockdown the more the media ‘Act’ like Jesus doesn’t exist. They behave as if Jesus never existed. The media can’t quite bring itself to say the name ‘Jesus’. Peripheral things are mentioned but never the name. The utterance of Our Lords name has now become an offence. Childish jokes replace basic reverence.

Really now is an excellent time to become closer to Jesus. He waits and waits and respects the free will The Father gave us. He waits to be part of our lives to take control of aspects that we cannot handle too well.

The television will be the last thing to prompt us in the right direction.


Hello. I’m feeling much better than I was… but not 100 %. For now I don’t have the health or strength to fast but I’ve regained my discipline to pray which I had lost for two weeks. My wife and I were both ill at the same time.

I’m very grateful for all of your prayers particularly from my American friends who have been so kind.

God Bless


Pre prayer Protection Prayers, Attack Prayers, Post Prayer Protection Prayers.

There are three levels of prayer. The Rosary especially The Sorrowful is always a layer of protection and attack.

Pre Protection Prayers:

St Patrick’s Lorica

Any Rosary

Pray to your guardian Angel to guide and protect.

Psalm 51

Attack prayers:

Psalm 68

St Michaels Longform Prayer said as part of a Rosary.

Post Prayer:

Psalm 91

Rosary…devoted to your families and your own protection.

There are many prayers that can be added.

Current prayer regime:

On Fridays during fasting and prayer I start with protection prayers then:

Holy Rosary with a Longform St Michael at the end. Then a chosen Litany. The Litanies I usually say are:

The Litany of The Passion

The Litany of The Virgin Mary.

The Litany of the Precious Blood

The Litany of The Saints

The Litany of The Holy Spirit.

After the Litany I end with the prayers to mitigate the AC.

If you prayed 4 Rosaries and added the suggested prayers you’ll find you’d be praying from 1pm to 5pm with a stop at 3pm to say some Divine Mercies.

I’m fasting also now on Wednesday too as I feel called to.

NB: The Sorrowful Mystery followed by The Litany of the Passion is powerful for family members who have fallen away and maybe bound to sin like any addiction problem .

Prayers to mitigate the power of the Anti Christ. Crusade prayers by Maria Divine Mercy.

These prayers are best said as part of fasting on a Wednesday and Friday:

Prayers to Mitigate the Power of the anti christ: Day 5

 Crusade Prayer (61) Avert One World Control

“O dear Heavenly Father, in memory of the Crucifixion of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, I beg You to protect us, Your children, from the Crucifixion being planned to destroy Your children, by the antichrist and his followers.

Give us the Graces we need to refuse the mark of the beast and bestow upon us the help we need to fight the evil in the world, spread by those who follow the way of Satan.

We beseech You, dear Father, to protect all of Your children, in these terrible times, and make us strong enough to stand up and proclaim Your Holy Word at all times. Amen”


Crusade Prayer (71) Prayer to save us from the Persecution

“O Jesus, save God’s children from the antichrist. Protect us from the plans to control the earth.

Lord, save us from the persecution.

Protect dark souls from the antichrist, so that they can be redeemed in Your Eyes. 

Help us in our weakness. Strengthen us in spirit to rise and lead each other, as we march in Your army to the Gates of Paradise.

I need You, dear Jesus.
I love You, dear Jesus.
I Glorify Your Presence on earth.
I shun the darkness.

I adore You and I surrender myself in body and spirit so, that You can reveal to me the Truth of Your Presence so, that I will always trust in Your Mercy at all times. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (20) Stop the antichrist from Destroying the World


“O God the Father, in the Name of Your precious Son, I call on You to prevent the antichrist from ensnaring the souls of Your children.

I beg You, Almighty Father, to stop him from inflicting terror on Your children.

I beg You to stop him from contaminating Your Creation and ask You to have Mercy on those poor souls who will be powerless against him.

Hear my prayer, dear Father, and save all Your children from this terrible evil. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (44) Strength to Defend my Faith against the False Prophet

“Dear Jesus, give me the strength to focus on Your Teachings and to proclaim Your Holy Word at all times.

Never allow me to be tempted to idolize the false prophet, who will try to present himself as You.

Keep my love for You strong.

Give me the Graces of Discernment, so that I will never deny the Truth contained in the Holy Bible, no matter how many lies are presented to me to encourage me to turn my back on Your True Word. Amen.”


Crusade of Prayer (18) To help stop the Anti-Christ and his Group about whom I Speak.

“O dear Jesus, save the world from the antichrist. Protect us from the wicked snares of Satan. Save the last remnants of Your Church from evil.

Give all Your churches the strength and graces needed to defend ourselves against wars and persecution planned by Satan and his army of terrorists. Amen.” 


Crusade of Prayer (6) Prayer to stop the Anti-Christ

“O Jesus, I pray that God, in His Mercy, will prevent the antichrist and his vile army from causing terror and inflicting hardship on Your children.

We pray that He will be stopped and that the hand of chastisement will be avoided, through the conversion achieved during The Warning. Amen.”



Crusade of Prayer (42) Prayer of fasting to stop One World Currency

“O God Most High, I offer You my gift of fasting, so that You will stop the grip of evil in the world being planned to starve my country of food, including the Bread of Life.

Accept my offering and listen to my pleas for other nations, to prevent them from the suffering being planned by the antichrist.

Save us, dear Lord, from this wickedness and protect our faith, so that we can honor You, with the freedom we need to love and adore You, forever and ever. Amen.” 


Crusade of Prayer (54) Prayer to the Father to dilute impact of World War 3

“O Heavenly Father, in the Name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Who suffered greatly for the sins of mankind, please help us in these difficult times we face.

Help us to survive the persecution being planned by greedy rulers and those who want to destroy Your Churches and Your children.

We implore You, dear Father, to help feed our families and save the lives of those who will be forced into a war against their will.

We love You, dear Father. We beg You to help us in our time of need. Save us from the grip of the antichrist. Help us to survive his mark, the mark of the beast, by refusing to accept it.

Help those who love You to remain true to Your Holy Word at all times, so that You can bestow on us the Graces to survive in Body and Soul. Amen.”


Crusade Prayer (98) For the Grace of God to cover world leaders

“O my Blessed Mother of Salvation, please ask your Son to pour out His Graces and Love over those leaders who control the world.

Pray that the Light of God will cure them of blindness and unlock their hearts of stone.

Stop them from inflicting persecution on innocent people.

Please pray that Jesus will guide them, and stop them from preventing the Truth of His Teachings from being spread to nations, throughout the world. Amen.”


Crusade Prayer (68) Protect me from the influence of Satan

“O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation, cover me with your Most Holy Mantle and protect my family from the influence of Satan and his fallen angels.

Help me to trust in the Divine Mercy of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, at all times.

Sustain me in my love for Him and never allow me to wander away from The Truth of His Teachings, no matter how many temptations are placed before me. Amen.”


Crusade Prayer (132) Renounce Satan, to protect this Mission

O Mother of Salvation, come to the aid of this Mission. Help us, God’s Remnant Army, to renounce Satan. We beg you to crush the head of the beast with your heel and remove all obstacles in our Mission to save souls. Amen.