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The current state of play behind the veil.

Having read several seers messages I’ve noticed one common theme recently. That is the devils assault on the family. Here he can create havoc in the home causing division so it will spread further causing widespread mayhem. In Fatima Our Lady said the final decisive battle between the devil and Our Lady would be about the family.

How has this happened and what are the noticeable signs? On a wider level there are periods and dates over the last three years which have facilitated this current assault. These periods I have written about before but I will briefly mention here. The first date was during March of 2020 when for the first time the Eucharist was restricted globally. The second period was June 6th 2020 which was an added ingredient into the evil pot. I’ll leave a link about that.

The third period or date was December 31st 2022. This marked the death of Pope Benedict who I believe was the ‘Katechon’/The Restrainer’. In the immediate I felt such deep sadness for someone I never knew…then a darkness seemed to descend. This darkness is now riddled with more active demons normalised as a dark syrup hanging in the atmosphere. On a personal note I’m caught between peace and a darkness which makes me want to pull what hair I have left out. I know how they operate and I know there are more of them than ever. They don’t get inside me but are tempting me more than ever. The noticeable feelings are: depression, anger, and divisive disputes. These find their wormy ways into my thoughts due to unforgiveness and repetition. The repetitious checking of my mobile phone and coffee does not help at all! This all leads to impulsive arguments and imagined hurts with my wife and myself. Then I hear the family downstairs from our apartment arguing. It’s doing the rounds.

In the area I live its quite sedate and calm but we have satellite neighbourhoods which have levels of crime. Over the last six weeks the police sirens have been bleeping more noticeably. A pattern is forming around outside. My wife and I said a rosary tonight. By the time we got to the last decade all went calm for a 200 metre radius. The devil cannot live with the humility of Our Lady encased in the beads of a heartfelt Rosary. Once we finish the Rosary back rush the Police sirens.

These assaults have lead me to pray more earnestly in the afternoon. I’m saying 4 DMs at 3pm… and the consolation and adoration prayers from The Devotion to The Most Precious Blood then finishing with a Rosary. Protective prayers are good beforehand like the St Michael Chaplet or Litany of the Saints. I really feel Jesus needs the consolation and adoration prayers said to calm his suffering and upset.

 I’m compelled to say such prayers.

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