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Steve Quayle interview Infowars. Incentive to pray and fast more with targeted prayer for our countries.

In the early 60s during the time of the most tense period in Soviet and American relations Our Blessed Mother spoke at Garanbandal. I would say her warnings were for 60 years into the future.

Now the dangers are more severe as there are more players involved with North Korea, Iran, China and Russia. Now also the west has turned it’s back on Jesus.

Steve Quayle’s warning in this video must prompt us to ‘target focused prayers’. Praying our rosaries like this in our intentions we can colourfully visualise our needs to Our Blessed Mother. Paint a picture mentally then push the heart behind it with prayer effort.

May I suggest any fatal weaponry from any of these countries fails to work and breakdown. That there is a blockage and mitigation. Tomorrow is a day of fasting .A rosary can be said to mitigate and block these four countries. One rosary per country. A tip Jesus gave us was to sip water no food and no coffee until 6pm. By fasting we are closer to God and cast away nagging demands of the flesh.

Just as a side note one of visionaries in Medjugorie has mentioned that March 18th is significant.

My wife was told her family would flock towards her on April 7th 2020. That date is good Friday this year….these are random observations I’m making. When a prophecy is proclaimed it could be for a few years later or 60 years later. Human interpretation can add curiosity impatience and pride.

Prayer is all we have.