A message from Our Blessed Mother to The Little Prophet Of Love: ‘I want you to pray against abortion.I want you to pray against this evil.I cry everyday for my little ones.’

After Glorious Mystery said partly in Latin:

November 6th 2022.

‘You are my children,

I want you to stay with me

I am your Mother.

Jesus wants you to love Him.

He has few to love Him.

This I ask of you

I love both of you.

I will always be with you.

Children be at peace,

this world is not a happy one.

I will help you.

I come to give you peace.

Child I am very pleased.

(Tears from Our Blessed Mother)

I want you to pray against abortion.

I want you to pray against this evil.

I cry everyday for my little ones.

This is your Mother, I bless you.

Look upon me as a Mother Of Love.

Children you are mine,

I speak from heaven

which is a beautiful place.

It awaits you children

you are going to go there..( not yet)

You must pray for this world

Pray my rosary everyday.

I thank you

I love you both

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