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Prayers to mitigate war.

When praying from the heart I receive a signal grace. This is always with the rosary and not the divine mercy.

The signal I used to receive would be a sudden ‘jolt.’My head would move to the left mainly. This always happened when I deeply focus in prayer on specific intentions or if I deeply visualise each stage of a rosary. I get this most strongly with the sorrowful then the glorious and least so with the luminous mystery.

Since June 2021 these signal graces have changed the jolt was replaced with a calm pressure on the centre of my forehead. This is a pleasant feeling. A newer signal has been a grimace: my neck stretches and face grimaces.

Over the last two weeks when I focus on intentions during the sorrowful mystery I receive a strong grimace. When Putins face appears in my mind I get a very strong grimace. It happens instinctively.

This strongly indicates that heaven desires specifically sorrowful mystery Rosaries to mitigate Russia.

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