Patterns of sinning between confessions.

After confession there is usually a peaceful feeling that occurs once a sin that has been bothering my mind has been wiped. I have noticed in the past that there seems to be a usual pattern of thoughts that occur a day or so after confession. The enemy can place thoughts in our minds to either have an immediate effect or a gradual influence.

I like to stay as clean as as I can as I believe we are living in the most evil time in history. I know this mainly because of discernment. I can liken this feeling to being in a bath of water. The water would be an example of the immense presence of evil in the spiritual world. While in this bath the evil, doesn’t get inside me but I can feel it much like I can with my senses. So I observe my pattern of thoughts and how sin can build between confessional visits.

I’ve known for a while that the enemy places a morbid fascination in the lives of very famous but tragic film stars or and rock stars from the past like Jim Morrison John Lennon and David Bowie. Today after some thought and prayer it clicked as to why the devil uses this technique with me. These people lived in the world and were idolised ,they distracted the minds of the young away from Jesus so that they would be worshipped instead. They lived immorally in the flesh and had much glory and adoration in their lives. They played pied piers to the young leading them down the wrong path.

All of these people are now in Hell I am sorry to say. I had asked Jesus in 2019 about this and his tone was sad when he mentioned this information. Jesus’s love and mercy is so immense but we by choice send ourselves to Hell. A while ago I as watching John Lennon on you tube. Jesus spoke to me internally and said: ‘Do not watch him, he had his chance’. With Lennon one can separate the tragedy of his death from his atheistic hymn ‘Imagine’: ‘Imagine there’s no heaven above us only sky’. Objectively it’s a nice song but the theme is for a utopian world without God. Jim Morrison also tried to project himself as a type of deity so that the young will worship him. When I was young and lost and lived a sinful life I idolised these people. These types of celebrities live quite tormented lives and their sins build to bring them more torment . So the demonic attraction of these sinful idols can ultimately lead to death of the soul.

I had an interesting observance of famous people and the celebrity world before I went back to church. For four years in my spare time I was a television and film extra. To my present embarrassment in my heart I wanted to be a famous person for the same reason most others do and that is to be adored honoured and be rich. I have been in the company of Hollywood stars. It’s an empty world. Once I went back to church the acting and extra work dried up and I have never had any work like that since. Obviously God didn’t want this for me as it’s all about the SELF. The actor or celebrity sells them self as the product so cannot help but talk about the self.

So self-serving celebrities in most cases are damaging their souls in that activity. A celebrities ‘self importance’ means nothing to Jesus but in this world many of the people we worship and think as ‘great’ are spiritually in danger . The suffering of an unknown person has more value. We all have on average 70 years to find God the Father through Jesus. This is the meaning of our lives on earth. Do we use our free will positively to reach out to Jesus or do we either hold on to our sin and illusion as reality?

In the 1840s Our Blessed Mother appeared to two children in La Salette . She mentioned that in 1864 the devil would begin his determined but gradual attempt to destroy the church. He did this by various distractions and these were.

·         Luxurious dependence on technology and not God

·         The embrace of the new age and utopian economic philosophies like communism.

The 20th century saw the most rapid advances in technology condensed into a hundred years. With these advances destructive breakthroughs were made in weapons. Soft forms of destruction gradually built up. The most destructive decade was the 1960s mainly because the Catholic church decided to rest on its laurels and adapt to the world. By the end of the 60s once the new mass had been launched the Beatles had gone from dressing in formal attire in the early 60s to men with long hair in beards. This was symbolic of a rapid decline.

This is why the St Michael long from Prayer is so important. This prayer was removed from Sunday Mass in 1964 because it gave a prophetic map.

A few weeks ago I was waiting for confession. I prayed a divine mercy before I went in and then later realised the significance. I have been given quick visions by Jesus in the past. At Mass in 2019 I had a quick glimpse of a hammer and sickle above the head of a Eucharistic minister.

While waiting my turn to go and see a priest the confessional door was open and I quickly glimpsed the rainbow.

While I had confession I spoke with the priest for a while but it was more like I was a listening ear for him. He is a lovely priest but I felt his mind had been too influenced by modernism and modern liberal culture which is the norm now. As he talked I prayed Hail Marys for him continuously . I felt it that was my job to do that, to listen and pray.

Priests have a difficult job and the devil throws every device at them whether subtle or obvious. So now I have more sympathy for them and would encourage any Catholic to pray in your mind while you’re in the confessional box for the priest. Add a Divine Mercy before you go in for the priests soul and a good honest confession.

Priests like us all are vulnerable to liberal propaganda on mainstream news. I pray for my local priest also that his thinking is directed back to the supernatural faith.

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