Intercession prayers this coming Wednesday and Friday.

Over the last 8 months I’ve had less time to focus on intercessory prayer and fasting. I usually fast to give the prayers more clout.

There is no charge but please keep the requests succinct and short. I’m happy to give advice also as sometimes guidance can be more relevant. Many spiritual problems can be remedied with Confession as a start.

send your requests to jcollie892@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Intercession prayers this coming Wednesday and Friday.”

  1. Thank you for your prayers of intercession! Please, for the conversion of every member of my family. And healing of my heart and asthma. God bless you! Valjean Albright

  2. Please intercede to rid the world of all danger evil and ill health.
    That all govt medical fire police military lay people follow the Ten Commandments
    Families unite
    But thy will be done Father

  3. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for doing this!! Please remember my friend Angelica and her two boys in your prayers. Her separated husband who is abusive has been trying everything he can to take the children away from her, including lying to the authorities that she is mentally unstable.