The Devotion of The Precious Blood and messages of Barnabas Nwoye. 🇳🇪.

Im sure many of you know this devotion and have been saying the chaplet of the precious blood. I bought this book a year ago and it is a regular part of my prayer life. I have also had some prayers translated and printed into Latin which I pray at home or on the bus on the way to work.

About a month ago we found a 12 beaded rosary left at church. We didn’t think anything of it. Then soon after a huge framed picture was left at the back of church. The same image featured here. We brought this home and placed it on our altar. The coincidences were too strong so now my wife is saying the chaplet of the precious blood. It’s been a calling to follow these prayers. Jesus now must be specially calling us all Catholics to follow this devotion.

Please pray also for the 50 souls killed at Catholic mass very recently in Nigeria.