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John Paul II appears to cloistered Nun.

St. John Paul II appears and delivers message to cloistered nun in her cell

The following is a testimony written in Spanish from a religious sister named Benedicta of the Cross from an undisclosed cloistered convent (to avoid persecution). The testimony was sent to and published by a Catholic Journalist from Spain named Arturo in his channel “Oración, Formación y Acción Católica” Original link in Spanish here.

[Eric’s translation]

October 7, 2021. 11:35 am, In my cell.

I was in my cell, it was 11:35 am, was praying the holy rosary and pleaded to God, today, that by the intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary, She may intercede for Our Church which is so divided, as she sees herself so shaken by tempestuous storms. I thought about the missionaries and how difficult it is for them, in these times, to propagate and defend christian faith and morality. I thought about the ruptures among the families, the loss of the christian values. I thought about the priests and in the confusion that is in them… in the sacred Eucharist so affected by the many abuses, sacrileges and heresies, finally. So many necessities came to mind, so I pleaded God and the Most Holy Virgin for all these necessities. I felt much distress in my heart.

I was praying in the third decate of the rosary when before me appeared Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II. I was surprised to see him. He was standing and radiant with splendor. He was quite rejuvenated, as in the early years of his pontificate. He was dressed all in white like a Pope and wore on top a reddish-purple mantle which shone extraordinarily. On his chest he carried a very beautiful crucifix of emeralds and gold. He held, in his right hand, a rosary made of pearls which shone beautifully. And in the other hand he carried a beautiful a very green olive palm. When he appeared, I remained silent and observed him. I took advantage, grabbing a pen and paper. He was praying the rosary while looking at me and made a gesture. I understood that he wanted me to continue praying the rosary with him and so I did. He counted the beads with his rosary and at the end said: “Let us pray for the unity of the Church, for families, for the propagation of the Faith and the defense of the Eucharist”. [these were Sister Benedicta’s intentions mentioned above]. We prayed an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Gloria Patri. The rosary we prayed in latin.

We finished praying the rosary and immediately I asked him: “Holy Father, may I ask you a few questions and write them? He replied “Yes, you can and must”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, why have we prayed the rosary in latin?” AHe said: “Because it is the universal language of the Church”. Then I said: ‘Holy Father, I am so glad to see you in such glorious manner”. And he responded: “After having passed a brief period between purging fire, I now enjoy the beatific vision of the Holy and Undivided Trinity. I then said “Holy Father. why have you a palm in your hand?”. He replied: “To be Vicar of Christ includes resembling His Lord in all respects, even until having reached martyrdom.” I said to him “Holy Father, pardon my question, but, what was the reason for having passed through purgatory if they canonized your Holiness almost immediately? He responded to me: “Daughter, the Church is holy because Her Head is Holy, not her members. Above all, The Vicar of Christ on earth is “man” and as “man” he errs because he is a sinner. I, in my condition as Vicar of Christ on earth, committed various errors; some obliged by the circumstances. Here in eternity, everything is paid. And it is judged unto us with great severity, the flock entrusted to our care and of every soul we are held accountable.” Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, can you tell me what your salvation was owed to?” He said to me: “It was due to the abandonment that I made of myself to God and to the Mother of Our Lord to whom I always asked for help and direction by means of the holy rosary. It was She whom at the end of my earthly life defended me from the wiles of the evil one whom prowled about me. She saved my soul from condemnation” Sister Benedicta: “But Holy Father, why do you speak of condemnation if your pontificate was good?” He said to me: “Nobody knows the scales in eternity but those of us who have already come here and those to whom Our Lord pleases to reveal it to. The mercy of God, which is infinite, is counted on while on earth, but in eternity all must pass through God’s Justice. And She (God’s Justice) is implacable”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, what is happening in the Church? Why so much confusion?” He responded to me: “The Church is living The Passion of Christ and as the bride must imitate the husband, until their full consummation. She must pass through fire and be purified until becoming holy and free of rust. Everything is in God’s plan and that is how it is written that it should happen. Humanity has not desired to listen to the voice of Her Lord and now the time of the harvest has arrived. The harvest is ripe and the harvesters are willing to fulfill their work. The Militant Church must be one with the Triumphant Church, but before then, must pass through the purification because She has strayed from the true path which is Christ and pursues a spirit that does not come from God.”

Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, is Benedict XVI still Pope?” He replied: “Yes”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, then who is pope francis?” He responded: “Humanity has freely chosen its own scourge of purification and God has allowed it to be. With it, they are fulfilling The Scriptures”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, may I asked you one last question?” He responded to me: “Yes”. Sister Benedicta: “Holy Father, what must we do?? He said to me: “Continue praying the holy rosary. Listen to God’s voice and fulfill his commandments as well as the law which he has left you. The victory has been granted but this purification is necessary. Do not lose the Faith”. Sister Benedicta: “He blessed me in this manner: “I bless you daughter and bless the whole Church”. He then traced a cross, longly and very slowly, and dissappeared.”

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    Also At this moment, humanity is hanging on a thread
    Douay-Rheims Bible Prophecy of Joel Chapter 2
    [28] And it shall come to pass after this, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. [29] Moreover upon my servants and handmaids in those days I will pour forth my spirit. [30] And I will shew wonders in heaven; and in earth, blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke.
    Do these dreams pertain to the WARNING?
    Instead of saying these are dreams. I would like to say they are wake up calls because they were so short, like a flash
    1st – 2/2019 A DREAM I HAD APRIL
    I don’t know what time it was, it must have been between 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM, All I know I was a sleep.
    The dream: I saw a real bright light; it was all white, like I was looking straight into a bright light bulb. Then I heard a great big explosion and everything went black. It was so real, I thought our house breaker box blew up and we lost our electric power. (It really scared me) I open my eyes and it wasn’t so black. I looked at my lamp indicator light and it was on, (working). I knew then I had been dreaming, but it was so real.
    Maria Valtorta NOTEBOOKS CHAPTER 784 June 26, 1953
    “Describe what you see. I will then give you the explanation.”
    I see it as a big ball of a bright red and shining like a rocket exploding. It grows, grows, grows until it becomes frighteningly large, then, with a deafening roar, it explodes falling into incandescent fragments on houses, temples, people and devastating everything.
    I think it’s the pre-announcement and the prediction of the atomic bomb and I’m terrified of it. I hope to die before such an event.
    But Jesus says: “It is not the atomic. But it’s even worse. It is Communism that grows, grows, grows and that will end up exploding all over the world devastating churches, peoples, everything. I’m not telling you when that will happen. I only tell you that, in order to ward off this destructive scourge as much as possible, it is necessary to pray and to make Me-Misericordia and Potenza and Mary, my Mother and yours, as well as Protector and Queen of all Catholics and especially of Italians, pray.
    I am the One who conquered him. Pray to us, and let us pray, for the hour is terrible!
    You remember that distant vision of those flocks of black planes and people fleeing shouting: “They are Russians, they are Russians! They kill us, they devastate everything and everyone!” Without a prodigious intervention from Heaven, obtained with the prayers of 90% of Catholics, this will happen. But we pray too little, and too badly, often for small things, and we neglect prayer for capital needs”.
    Maria Valtorta (
    When communism comes again
    This excerpt is taken from the German book by Albrecht Weber, «Garabandal—The Finger of God» («Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes»).
    Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion: “When communism comes again everything will happen.” The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?” “Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied. “Does that mean that communism will go away before that?” “I don’t know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said ‘when communism comes again’.”
    Albrecht Weber
    Garabandal. Der Zeigefinger Gottes
    Garabandal. Communism. Comes again (
    WARNING – Fatima seer Sr. Lucia believed USA would become Communist without Marian consecration of Russia
    Sister Lucia of Fatima said, “What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the bishops in the world shall consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, she will convert Russia and there will be peace. If it is not done, the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.”
    Professor William Thomas Walsh authored a book titled “Our Lady of Fatima” interviewed Sister Lucia of Fatima in 1946 and asked, “Does this mean in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?” Sister Lucia answered: “Yes.”
    Walsh then explicitly asked about the United States of America, adding: “and does that mean the United States of America, (will be overcome by Communism), too?” Whereupon Sister Lucia responded once more time with “Yes.”

    2ND -4/7/2019 Sometime during the night I had another dream and it happen twice in the same night. All I can say is all I saw was a deep black and I mean a deep dark black, and it scared me and I woke up yelling. Again it was so real; I thought we lost our electricity, but when I open my eyes I could see we had not lost our electrical power. In both of the dreams there was no light or sound as I had before, just deep blackness, and so real and each time I yelled out.
    3rd -10/2/19 On the morning of 10/2/19 ( I don’t know what time) while I was sleeping early in the morning I had a flash of darkness and a gain it scared me, I thought we had lost our electric power, I looked at my light indicator and saw that we had not lost our electric power. So I went back to sleep.

    4TH -01/9/20 I do not remember what time it was, but I had a dream that was very scary. I dream that a very bright wave of light was being forced down my mouth, (my mouth was wide open and felt I was being filled up and about to explode. I screamed and I woke up and threw my covers off. Looked at my wife to see if I woke her up. I didn’t.
    5th -01/13/20? Not sure this is right the date as I did not write it down.
    I had another dream. I saw a flash of darkness, I screamed and woke up. Again I though we lost our electric. I checked and we did not lose our electric.
    6TH -01/20/20 I had a dream of a flash of light. It scared me, I screamed and woke up. Checked my watch and it was 3:39 AM.
    7th – 01/23/20 It was around 3:30 AM 01/24/20. The dream was a quick flash of dark Blackness. It scared me, but not as bad as the other dreams. I wake up right when it happen and check to see if we had lost our electric power and we didn’t. I went back to sleep.

    8th – 01/29/20 About 11:30 PM as I was sleeping, all of sudden in a flash I saw a deep blackness; I woke up and yelled out. This time my wife was awake and heard me. She ask me if I was all right and I said yes. Again I thought we lost our electric power, which we did not. This all happen within seconds.

    9th – 02/19/20 3:30 AM I was sleeping, all of sudden in a flash I saw a deep blackness; I woke up and yelled out, but not as loud. This time it last maybe a second longer and I was not quite afraid. Maybe I am getting used to it. I am still praying about it. To know what it means.

    10th -03/06/20 about 4:30 AM A very flash of darkness awoke me and my right arm felt numb for a few minutes.

    11th -03/11/20 Again about or between 2:00 and 5:00 AM. A flash of great darkness awoke me and I yelled out, then about 30 min. later it happen again!!!

    12th -04/07/20 AT 3:15 AM A very flash of darkness awoke me as I yelled out Ruth, (my wife’s name)

    14th -04/10/2020 at 1:30 A very flash of darkness awoke me as I yelled OH

    THE ABOVE DREAMS OF DARKNESS 01/23/20, 01/29/20, 02/19/20, 03/06/20, 03/11/20 TWICE, 04/07/20, 04/10/20 (CHISTISMENT?)
    17th -12/09/20 at 4:20 AM I had flash of light. It woke me up and it startled me. Then I went back to sleep. ????
    Well it looks like my discernments maybe wrong as, SO FAR I have had more dreams, except maybe the first one as I found Maria Valtorta having a similar vision form Jesus.
    18th 12/16/20 I had a dream a light blue/grayish ball coming at me it only lasted a sec, I didn’t check the time, but the same thing happen again that night and I checked my watch and it was 2:40 AM. ?????
    19th 01/08/21 2:40 AM Twice I had a flash of darkness, and both happen in a spilt second. ???
    20th 04/07/21 11: PM I saw a great ball of light coming at me (not a flash of light but a great ball of light and it lasted less than a second.
    21st – 05/29/21 time ?? It was AM – I yell Oh God, I had to be asleep when I yell O God, because my wife did not wake up when I yell Oh God. But it was so real that I thought I was a wake when I yelled and I looked at my watch, but I cannot remember what time it was. I went back to sleep and sometime later it happen again.
    Please notice on 4/7/21 I saw a great ball of light then 5/29/21 I yelled Oh God?
    24th- 09/19/21 About 1:30AM It was within a fast second. I saw a complete Black square. I yelled Oh! Woke up and checked my wife and she was not awake, so I went back to sleep.
    25th 12/16/21 AT4:30 AM It was within a fast second. I saw a FLASH OF BLACKNESS. I woke up and yelled Oh! I checked the time and then went back to sleep.
    26th – 1/9/22 sometime after 1:00 AM I had a flash of blackness, it was faster than a second. Then a sometime later the same thing happen.
    27th -1/11/22 At 2:00 AM I saw a FLASH OF BLACKNESS and happen in less than a second. I woke up saw that I had not lost our elect. Check my watch. And went back to sleep.
    28th – 1/12/22 At 2:15 AM I saw a large sheet of BLACKNESS coming down. It lasted for only a second. And it startled me. I thought we lost our electric power and I woke up check my light and it was ok. I check the time and went back to sleep.
    29th – 1/26/22 about 2:18 AM I saw a flash of darkness and I woke up. Checked to see if we still had electric and we did then I checked my watch.
    30th – 1/29/22 about 2:05 I saw complete darkness, this time it did not seem like a flash, just a sudden blackness. I said oh and woke up. Checked our electric and it was ok. I check my watch and went back to sleep.
    31st – 2/1/22 about 12:38 I saw complete darkness, this time it did not seem like a flash, just a sudden blackness. I woke up. Checked our electric and it was ok. I check my watch and went back to sleep.
    I do not understand why I have been given these dreams or what they mean. I have been praying about them, that God would be clear to why I am getting them and what do they mean. Although they have scared me, I am at peace while I am praying and thinking about them, and trying to understand them. I do feel that the warning will happen soon, wither that it is this year or some near year. I do know that it will happen and that it takes a long time to prepare for it.

  2. Confirms what I have long suspected. Benedict never resigned the munus. Canon law said a pope must resign the munus to fully resign. There can only be one pope.

    The only question is if he is merely an antipope or THE false prophet.

  3. Fr Blount has a video where he recounts 3 separate visions of the Blessed Mother in the same day where she encircles the globe with a black cloth. He is then given the word,“Blackout”.

  4. I believe that this was a dream she had from God. The pope was in purgatory for his sins. The dream continues and we learn that during his time as pope he did not follow God’s laws. Those who do not follow God’s laws will perish. In the dream, the pope gave a dire warning to the roman catholic church – Follow the Ten Commandments and worship only Jesus Christ. In the dream, the pope further stated that the current pope and the current state of the church will fulfill the scriptures. Rev 17: 1-13; Rev 18: 1-24 – (The beast will perish with fire and destruction)
    In the dream, I believe that when the pope was talking about abandonment of himself to God, he meant that he had to give up all that he was on earth because he did not follow God’s laws. I believe that in the dream the pope was trying to tell us that if we want to be saved that we need to abandon the roman catholic church. The current pope and church continue to be lead astray because the spirit it follows is not God’s.

    1. Luis Gutierrez said
      “ trying to tell us that if we want to be saved that we need to abandon the roman catholic church. The current pope and church continue to be lead astray because the spirit it follows is not God’s.”

      We must be members of the Catholic Church and remain In Union with the Pope . It is clear Bergoglio cannot be pope. He obstinately teaches heresy and idolatry.
      The Church is indefectible. It is the Bride of Christ . It seems you misunderstand . The Scriptures say “ if another , even us, teaches a different gospel , do not follow them”

      A good case is made, that Benedict retained the office , but resigned the ministry .

      The solution is to ignore Bergoglio and remove him and his followers .

      The way it looks , we have to pray and ask Pur Lord’s direct intervention .

      Blessings to you.

  5. Dear admin/author of blog,
    This seems very authentic. You may not know the answer to this but when did Sr.B start receiving locutions/apparitions? This one appears to be a private one during prayer whereas the next has a Mission attached. She may not always relate them, of course.

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