A testing time.

Sometime in early January some spiritual disturbances occurred at home. At night my wife’s ankles would be touched and she would look around at me and I would be asleep. We have a rabbit called Maisie that jumps up on to our bed but it wasn’t her. This went on for a few weeks because my wife didn’t want me knowing as I can get obsessive about things. During this time during the night my stepdaughter’s bedroom door flung open three times. With this she was frozen in a paralysis part awake and asleep state. My wife had also felt a presence behind her shoulder.

From 31st Jan to the 8th of Feb things became more intense. I had felt a presence on my bed near me. I closed my eyes and in a quick flash showed two images. One of either Satan himself or a chief demon under his command and a spirit sent to bother us. This creature looks human but has highly set dark eyes very thin dressed in a normal human clothes. His skin colour was Arabic. I just remember him being very thin.  For a week he brought confusion, anger, anxiety, division, conflict and accusation which permeated into my workplace.

My boss has been fine with me since October but suddenly made a beeline for me sending very negative emails and became an outright bully. This has given me worry and did block my prayers. During prayers most of the time I get very deep feelings and a knowing that it is useful and has power. I visualise each part of the rosary and my head jolts to the side as a signal grace. When the prayer comes from the heart the jolts are stronger. During this period of worry, I couldn’t get my heart behind my prayers.

A friend kindly sent me a video about Christina Gallagher and in this film Our Blessed Mother recommended we say three rosaries a day. I said these daily. As I was praying one night I got these words in my mind ‘You are being tested’. I also said prayers from my catholic deliverance book to clear spiritual disturbance on Friday 4th of Feb. At night I placed St Benedict crosses at the end of our bed and played Litany of the saints in Latin on loop as we slept. Disturbances at home have stopped since deliverance prayers. Just in case we keep the Latin prayers on loop at night.

At work on the 8th I stood up to the bullying manager and defended myself. I wasn’t going to be bullied as it creates such bad morale. I shouted back at her and pointed. After I felt great as no one has stood up to her in the team and she has a despotic hold of fear on us.

I know during this period of 31st Jan to Feb 8th it has been very testing. I could feel the heaviness of evil in the atmosphere in the streets as I walked home…like there was no air almost. Today has been the first clear day and the general atmosphere is lighter and more spring like. There will be more testing times I’m sure. It may have been a suffering that God needed for souls.

I’ve noticed several Catholics on Facebook who are suicidal and some are struggling to pray so I suspect it is a wider thing. Luz De Marias message last week mentioned that the atmosphere is thick with evil.

 If anyone else has had a similar experience, please let me know in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “A testing time.”

  1. Dear intercede77. For help w/ your problem…wear and use the armour of St. Michael…sword, shield, sash (belt), shoes. I will send you the accompanying prayers tomorrow. Plus, of course, the long form St. Michael protection prayer… Works well for me. Love, blessings, and prayers abundant. Nonnie

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  2. Hello and Blessings.
    Sorry to hear that. I really feel for you my Family in Christ.
    Around same dates you mentioned, I have been dreaming a loads about flying UFOs around my house here in West Yorkshire. They tried to abduct my husband but I always fight for him. And I dream loads about demon. They are always skinny ladies. They try to attack me and my family. And yes, been very depressed, very much. But I thank God feeling better now.
    God Bless

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