‘If only you knew the places where they carry out evil beyond belief’….A message last year from Jesus to the Little Prophet warning Christians to avoid any association with Halloween.

2 of 2 messages to seriously consider about October 31st (Halloween).

‘My Sacred Shelter’

31st October 2019 6.58am

After Divine Mercy Chaplet

My child I AM Jesus born incarnate.

I know my love you are not feeling one hundred percent well. Please take my words and listen to me. This night is not a night that needs celebration. Please pray for people who have found themselves in a terrible situation. Why has this world grown so dark? Every time I AM mocked and abused. These people hate me. They absolutely detest my authority. By this they want to live their own lives by their own terms and when they do this they breed hate. Please protect yourselves and on this night especially. If only you knew the places where they carry out evil beyond belief. I have to witness what happens. My hand would surge their souls but they never never speak my name. Their God is Satan. He hates them like he hates…

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