WhatsApp Prayer and Support Group

I was thinking how readers could also pray for and mutually support eachother . I was thinking of using Telegram but in this case WhatsApp would be better. I will also pray with you.

I made this group called simply ‘ ‘Prayer and support group’.

Please join:


3 thoughts on “WhatsApp Prayer and Support Group”

  1. Hello It’s Helen from Malta.
    I have joined the prayer group. But please can you tell me what i should do more?
    Thank you for always thinking about everybody. Stay safe and God bless you.
    Oh ok 😊 i receivef a reply in the meantime.

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  2. Reblogged this on Mary Refuge Of Souls and commented:

    Would you like to connect with like-minded Christians for support and prayer? Would you like to discuss the prophecies found on this blog with others? My dear friend of My Sacred Shelter is starting a WhatsApp group for that purpose. God bless, –a soul


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