Two Churches: The Holy Catholic Church and the Schism Church.

When I go to a church that’s lost supernatural faith and is replaced with a Protestant ‘world’ obsessed shell I get quite angry. We have two churches clearly defined now.

The Holy Catholic Church:

Observes Sacraments without interference.

Is the dwelling place of the remnant

The Supernatural faith is alive

Rosary, Divine Mercy promoted and St Michael Longform said devoutly usually privately.

No Eucharistic ministers

Venerates Our Blessed Mother

The mass is a sacrifice. We are there to witness and feed from. The only part we have is that we are fed from this sacrifice.

The Schism Church:

Sees the Holy Catholic Church as the schismatics and extremists.

Promotes removing Catholic practices like confessional boxes.

Turns away from our blessed Mother

Promotes issues of The World. Conscience is of the world.

Will eventually remove the Eucharist or just see it as a celebration not a sacrifice.

Totally remove the Supernatural Faith.

Promotes brotherhood as a disguise to distract from solemnity of the mass.

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