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The Chatterbox Spirit: Feb 15th 2021

Chatterboxes. Feb 15th 2021.

Since I would say the time of Biden’s inauguration my wife and I have been under demonic attack. We both had Covid for two weeks. Following this there was some discord at home. Thankfully things are now calm.

Just before we got covid I was about to start fasting twice a week. Adding a Wednesday to the Friday. With the discord at home I would also be verbally attacked by teenagers who I’ve never spoken to. Their eyes glazed from drugs and the lockdown. I thought they are like goblins seeking to cause fear to the heart.

During 2019 Jesus spoke about what happens when he speaks to a prophet.That we must always begin with protection prayers. The unseen world especially now is blackened by different types of evil spirits. Much like an aquarium.

Padre Pio once said that if we could all see the unseen world that it would shock us and that they are so numerous that they block out the sun.

I very recently have been seeing these odd creatures at night as I close my eyes. Because they have tormented my mind so much recently I’ve seen them in close detail. I tend to talk a lot and think rapidly and I think these little irritants gather around the mind to cause babble. One Spirit I have observed closely I would call a ‘chatterbox spirit ‘. It is a small square brown furry thing with arms and legs and a human face.The face is rapidly moving from one expression to another and talking nonsense about different subjects. These low level but problematic spirits are there to occupy your mind with nonsense and preoccupations with problems. The reason they do this is to block your prayer discipline.

If you let these irritants occupy your mind I think they can lead to greater torment and fear and then depression. This leaves the person totally blocked from prayer.

I recently watched Kevin Zadai talk to John Romero about these and they described the same images that I had seen.

During one of my visions Jesus showed me a higher level of heaven but I got only quick glimpses.On the way back down I saw what I can only describe as a Minatour. This creature was banging a drum. I think this type of demon works in concert with the chatterbox but is higher level seeking to cause greater mental disturbance.

A year ago my wife and I endured two months of suffering which Jesus needed for souls. Our Lord promised it would not harm our bodies or souls. It was a mental torment. Demons would attack my wife only when I wasn’t in the house. I think marriage and the husband role can be a deterrent when the male is present. The characters were Alice and Wonderland type characters chattering in her mind.

I do think these chatterbox television shaped things are fuelled by unforgiveness. They have no power otherwise as their job is to make you be obsessed about hurts. They prompt you to fixate about hurts from all angles.

Please add a comment if you’ve had a similar experience,especially if it’s been recently.

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  1. I am sorry to hear this. The past two maybe three weeks I have had distraction during prayer. I have been unclear about what is going on. Also I have been having many and more severe arguments with my spouse. During this time my daughter who me and my 8 year old granddaughter hadn’t seen in a year came and apologized and said she wanted to change and she stayed with us for a week. She prayed with me often. Even did night vigils with me. We took her to mass several times. My granddaughter was so happy to have her mom. She finally asked if she could move in with us and do the right thing with her daughter. Of course my husband and I said yes. So one afternoon I took my granddaughter to the park while her mom was going to her apartment to get her things and move in. Well 4 oclock comes no word from her 6 oclock comes we had plans on taking her to mass that evening and she was going to go to confession she texted and said she was going be here to late that she would have to miss mass. We get home from mass she is still gone. At 11:30 I call her and ask if I should lock my doors and go on to bed. She responded with yes I am not feeling well and decided to stay. Right then I knew that she had no intention on coming back and she hasn’t come back or called since. My granddaughter was devastated. Our house became tense. It felt like she came and stole all of our peace, love and joy. We all felt it and asked our Lord to restore them to us right away. Gifts, that our Lord has given to my home. She tried to take with her and use in her life. The bad thing is, is that this is the third time she has done this. We forgive her when she asks in hopes that one day she really means it and my granddaughter will have her mom back, I will have my daughter back but most of all our Lord would have His child back. I really have been struggling with forgiving. I have to see the pain in my grandchild daily. I feel the pain of our Lord that she chooses a life of sin than a life with Him because she chooses a life of sin than a life with me as well. Have I forgiven? How do you know when you have truly forgiven? How do I move forward? I obviously feel some type a way that this is the third time she has done this to us all. I don’t even know what to call that feeling right now. If she comes again and asks to move in what is the right thing to do? Not that she will any time soon. If I say no, will my granddaughter hold it against me when she’s grown? Will our Lord not forgive me my trespasses? Any prayers and or advise would be welcomed. Thank you and may our Lord bless you all.

    1. Yes, I have heard of other families being tested at this time. As Catholics I believe some of us will be selected by God to suffer for the sins of others as sin needs payment to God the Father. I don’t think other denominations understand this. You’ll know you’ve forgiven when you have peace on the issue. Offer all your pains to Jesus and in patience relax in trust. Remember the Prodigal
      Son. Keep forgiving keep praying and ask
      Jesus to control things. I know it’s tough but many of us are being tested right now. God Bless,Chris.

    2. I had a similar situation and still wonder if I made right choices.We got custody of a grandson at about 7mo.old because his mom had a serious drinking problem.we took her back a few times but she regressed to even drugs.Later on she entered his life with visits with her and boyfriend who seemed nice.Long story is later they broke up and things got worse.we had to make her leave.Her son followed the path of drugs,did time in jail.He is married with a child and returned to drugs.Sometimes they are better off keeping the troubled parent away.Don’t feel guilty.Pray for guidance🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. I know this is an old blog message but I believe the Lord led me to this page on purpose.
    Yes this has been happening to me for a few days now infact. The demon of discord has infiltrated our prayer group for a few weeks now. ‘She did this, she said that’ kind of sinario. Even though I have confessed my personal wrong doings and surrendered our group to Jesus, I have had no peace when I dedicate time for prayer. It’s like it’s in my head distracting me, preventing me from praying from the heart. Now I know that a demon is doing it and it’s not just me going crazy. Thankyou for sharing your own story. Please pray for our prayer group 🙏

  3. Yes, this demon wants mental chatter and lead one to chatter about others which just leads to more sin and unhappiness. Only way is to fight back with prayer and keep going and have unity in prayer with the group. I’ll pray of course. I think because we are in dark times that there are tons of these things beyond the veil buzzing around.

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