God The Father….

During mass today I prayed one divine mercy and one holy rosary. After The Eucharist in deep prayer I experienced some inner visions. At first I couldn’t grasp what I was seeing. I spotted some symbolic images of eagles and fire and a building I didn’t recognise . I did go rapidly into a bright light. I remember asking God the Father for some things in prayer and then quickly I saw some eyes but not the rest of the face. The eyes had an expression of admonishment as if to say’ I already do much for you’ and that of course is true.

I got the impression that God the Father is a stocky masculine man with tight white curls and the arms of a builder. I then saw God the Father sitting, watching my life as if it was a floating doll house in HD motion set before him. The sadness of being orphaned at a young age gave him sadness also. I observed people going in and out of rooms. My parents and siblings living the drama of their lives as God watched. My childhood home a small spec but none the less still important to God.

I think God was trying to show me how he has always been there watching and caring and that I needn’t ask needlessly for things but just trust.

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