Our Blessed Mother: ‘My Son was tortured beyond belief ‘

December 1st 2020

Out of all the Rosary mysteries I feel the deepest connection with the sorrowful mystery. Today we were saying the sorrowful mystery and I felt anxiety and pain that I was offering up. I receive images in my mind during prayer. Sometimes these are of relatives who have passed away… now in Heaven or Purgatory. I have asked Jesus in the past about the images in my mind I get and Our Lord has confirmed which images are real or not. For example last year during the sorrowful mystery I had seen Pilate but Jesus said that was ‘ of my mind’.

Today during the rosary an impression of Jesus’s torture came to me. I saw four or five guards pick up and throw Jesus’s poor limp body against a wall. Like they were doing it for fun.

At the end of the rosary Our Blessed Mother spoke through my wife:

‘This world is coming to a close. I want to guide you both. Thank you my children. I am with you. You are blessed. I love you both. Thank you.


‘ Did they hurt your Son in the way I thought during prayer.

Our Blessed Mother:

‘My Son was tortured beyond belief’


‘Did they throw him against a wall ?’

Our Blessed Mother:

‘ They did that ‘

I couldn’t contain my tears after this. We know how gentle patient and kind Jesus is and for Our Lord to receive such brutality is hard for the mind of any Christian to think of.

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  1. This breaks my heart. Every time I say the sorrowful mysteries, it makes me cry to think of the evil the prince of the earth perpetrated on Our Precious Jesus, through these men. At each step along the way, starting with the Garden of Gethsemane, he tortured Jesus, telling him what would occur in the future age; how, in spite of Our Lord’s Passion on the Cross, men would deny Him, blaspheme His name, desecrate the church and Eucharist, invade the Holy See, and commit atrocities within the church. There have been unthinkable acts performed on altars within Catholic Churches, desecrating them. These are done by Catholic priests and Bishops who have been taken over by evil. Our Precious Lord was shown all of this.
    Every step of the way, Satan has twisted the hearts and souls of men to torture Our Lord.
    Every good and perfect gift comes from above. But every evil thought, anger, lust, greed, comes from the wicked one.

  2. This is true and I wish to share a vision I once had years ago, at a Sunday mass. My description or might call it, “ an illumination of conscience but at that age, who would know. All I know for sure it happened to
    me or maybe Jesus just appeared just to me and that He made Himself small to fit right inside the tabernacle door. I focused intensely, when I realized this was the very scene inside of a Roman palace with pillars of ivory white. I so was hypnotized what was happening to me. Jesus in his long white garb, pacing slowly back and forth, intently alone as He awaited the verdict. I know the way I am describing it sounds like a biblical movie. If Jesus gave me His Grace at that moment in time, all I can say is,
    Thank you Jesus for your blessings. I am 77 and blessed at living at His second Coming🙏🎺🌟💫

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