More from Jesus to The Little Prophet about Halloween from 2019.

Thursday 24th October 2019

After Divine Mercy Chaplet

I AM Jesus born incarnate

My love, my love, you are my delight. You are my little spark. You are the light that draws people to my sacred heart. Your prayers are with weight. They are bringing souls back to me. I my child have become so alone. I want each person on this planet to come forward and call out to me their Father. I AM not regarded.

This time of the year my children are taken and used as sacrifice. My little innocent children.This is evil at its best! My loves, you do not see, you do not see what I see. Do not participate in any celebrations of any kind on this date( Oct 31st). I, I see children who claim to love me encourage their children to party at this time. I say ‘enough’! I AM going to stop this and I AM going to punish all those who lead my innocent ones astray……

I AM Jesus. I love all of you. Come to me even if you are unsure. I will be there to help you. I AM Jesus, I AM God. I rose from the dead. I want you all with me in my heavenly home.

Please listen to me.

I bless you all.

In the name of the Father the Son and Holy Spirit

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  1. The Will of God tells us to stay indoors and light a blessed candle and pray Do as Our Dear
    Lord, Jesus tells us and Honor the Will of Our Father God out of Love, Respect and Faith
    and Deep Devotion. I do Love Thee Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother. Giniginimonet@gmail. ginimonet

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