Raising your game in prayer

Last week I felt drawn by Jesus to pray more Divine Mercies and with more discipline.

I’d say 7 or 8 Divine Mercies in 2 shifts. I usually walk and pray in a rural spot so that I have peace and no distraction. My first section of prayers was from 11.50am to 1.40pm



I kept like this from Monday to Thursday.

On any Friday I Fast which has been an instruction from Jesus.

Fridays prayers are usually deliverance prayers and also MDM crusade prayers to mitigate the Anti Christ.

This Friday just gone was bite back time from the enemy.

1: I bought a storage box and filled it with non perishable foods and placed the storage box on the balcony. On Friday morning the storage box had split open with food packets wet from the rain overnight.

2. I went to pick up some medication from the chemist and was given the wrong dose.

3. We had bought a new washing machine on October 1st. This machine broke down midday on Friday.

4. There was more tension and arguments at home.

5. Insomnia and tension headaches at night.

6. More confusion than normal.

Yesterday we made sure we attended mass to bolster spiritual support. After receiving The Eucharist I wept and could of wept all day but I had to of course hold it together. These tears lifted my weary tensions.

Going into this week I will pray as I did last week as I presume I’m doing the right thing and the enemy is rattled.

Please keep me in your prayers.

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